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ESPN – The Themepark

It may have slipped under your radar last week, but there was some big news concerning two of the Walt Disney Company’s big brands. ESPN and Walt Disney World come together once a year for ESPN – The Weekend, a weekend of fan interaction with their favorite sports figures and broadcasters. Now, word comes that ESPN will become a permanent part of the Walt Disney World experience by adding the ESPN brand to the Disney’s Wide World if Sports complex.

Now that most (all?) sports on the ABC network is branded ESPN, the way is clear to make the change. The details of the arrangement haven’t been announced, but at a minimum expect to see a name change for the complex, some signage changes, and some synergy when professional sports teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Braves, and Chelsea Football Squad do their pre-season training.

Eventually, I would like to see some of the television and radio studio broadcasting moved to Orlando. But the bigger possibilities lay in adding some true theme park elements to Wide World of Sports. A couple of attractions that put the guest inside the world of sports seem within the realm of possibilities. Disney’s Wide World Of Sports has potential, it’s nice to see them exploring it again.

2 thoughts on “ESPN – The Themepark”

  1. I like the idea of some of the broadcast side moving there, we have the ABC World News Headquarters in New York, why not have the ESPN World of Sports in Kissimmee?

  2. I would love to see WWOS expanded with ESPN. My soccer team is headed there this weekend for the Memorial Day Soccer Tournament.

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