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Tuesday Trouble – Disney News and Links

  • One more day before the lives and friendships that were created in Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom are snuffed out. It’s beyond sad and irresponsible that Disney has not come up with some sort of plan to save the friendships and characters, even if the actual game play has to come to an end.
  • ABC’s Dancing With The Stars will crown a new champion tonight. There is little doubt it will be Kristi Yamaguchi. It really was unfair for anyone else in the competition. Tune in tonight at 9pm for the coronation.
  • Jenny Lerew has discovered some amazing vintage photos that look at the life and style of Disney’s Ink & Paint girls in the 1930s.
  • The judge in the lawsuit to allow Segways to be used in Walt Disney World as assistive devices for the disabled has refused to dismiss the case. This will allow discovery to go forward. I’m encouraged as this will allow the plaintiffs a chance to show that the Segway is a device that is uniquely suited to certain disabilities and provides dignity and ability unlike any other device out there on the market. Thanks to Jonas for keeping a close eye on this case.
  • The actor who was injured in a pre-show fall at the broadway version of The Little Mermaid musical has asked a judge to order evidence be preserved in case it is needed for a lawsuit.
  • The OC Register reports that the new Monorail Red is still undergoing testing and an grand opening date is not yet been set.
  • CBS Marketwatch things Disney’s ESPN brand is poised for ad-growth. Sports continue to offer brands a route directly to the consumers pocket book and ESPN’s products are the high speed express.

1 thought on “Tuesday Trouble – Disney News and Links”

  1. You can create as many avatars as you want right now on the Fairies site- there is nothing else to do there. That’s not a fair assessment of it’s popularity. My daughter has been on it, created a few fairies, got bored and has not gone back.
    Disney NEVER gave VMK players the option to pay to play. There is and never will be an online game like VMK. It’s like being in the disney parks every day. You can’t recreate or replace that. You are a real person on VMK- not a penguin, toon, pirate car or fairy. It’s not game/task oriented. You can use your imagination like no other game. Believe me we have tried them all.
    Some of the other disney games promote violence, fighting, killing, destroying and gambling. There is enough of that in the real world.VMK is a safe, family, friendly online world.
    Many VMK users are kids- kids who don’t have a voice. Kids who go to VMK to escape their day to day lives;to bring some magic into it and give them the courage to face their troubles. Kids who can meet up with a friend because they can’t in real life because of illnesses and disabilities. Kids who can play with their mom, dad, siblings and aunts etc. who are near or far. These kids have feelings & are are hurting right now. How can disney do this to these kids?
    I’ve bought every e-toy and paid for every online world that has come out in the last year for my daughter trying to keep her happy. Because of a disease called spinal muscular atrophy she can not move very well and the only activity she can do by herself is the computer. When she has free time that is what she loves to do. VMK has been her playground, her canvas, her school. It’s more than a game- it’s a community of amazing friends. My daughter has cried over and over. Please disney just give me the real reason you are shutting my daughter out from her friends and her family?

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