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Sportscasting Legend Jim McKay has died, ABC and Olympics announcer

Perhaps Big Brown just couldn’t bear to run without one of the sports biggest fans watching, Jim McKay, legendary sports casting legend, has died at 86. His list of accomplishments is too long to place here, but he won numerous awards and took sports reporting to new levels that is, in many ways, responsible for the success of today’s sports dominated cable channels like ESPN.

Jim McKay, as far as I was concerned, was the voice of sports when I was growing up. From his heart stopping coverage of the 1972 Munich Olympics, one of my earliest memories, to his role as host of ABC’s Wide World Of Sports, McKay defined sports announcing. One of the things I was looking forward to this summer was McKay’s reporting at the Olympics. He had previously covered 12 of them.

I’ll have to double check if there is a tribute to McKay at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex here in Orlando, but if there isn’t, it’s time for Disney to put one in. Sports Illustrated and both have tributes on their websites today.

From all here at The Disney Blog our condolences to McKay’s family and his family at ABC sports.

Update: See a wonderful tribute poem by Abe Jones added in the comments.