Mag-Lev Train from Las Vegas to Disneyland moving forward

About 10 years behind schedule, funding has finally been approved for a real study into the feasibility of building a Magnetic Levitation based railway between Las Vegas and Anaheim, arguably the two biggest tourist draws in the Southwest. If built, it would be the first MagLev system in the US.

There currently is no train that runs the LV to LA/Anaheim route, so it’s either fly or drive. Both of those options are becoming less desirable as prices for fuel rise. This initial study is for $45 million, but the eventual cost is estimated to be in the billions.

What’s your feeling? Will this be good or bad for Disneyland tourism? As much as I wanted a MagLev between Anaheim and Las Vegas when I lived in both of those cities, wouldn’t spending that money on a better mass-transit system for Orange County and Los Angeles suburbs make more sense? It would certainly help ensure that locals had a way to visit Disneyland even if driving their cars became an expensive luxury.