Star Wars Weekends – Mini-trooper

You may have heard of the Mini-Cooper, well here is the Mini-Trooper.

Star Wars Weekends Miniature Stormtroopers

Sporting “Stromtrooper” costumes made by their mother, Four-year-old Noah Kapusta (far right) and two-year-old Anakin Kapusta (second from right), brothers from Celebration, Fl, have a great chance to interact with Star Wars-costumed Disney characters June 6 during the grand opening of “Star Wars Weekends 2008” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Star Wars Weekends continues every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in June at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort. (Photo courtesy Disney, Matt Stroshane photographer)

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  1. So someone really named their kid Anakin? I guess he’s not the only one out there.

    Just found your site – I’m a fledgling Disney fan and we are taking our first trip to WDW this October. Can’t wait!

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