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Baby Born at Disneyland Resort

One of the urban legends that goes around from time to time is the one where if you are pregnant and have your baby at Disneyland you’ll get free admission for life for the kid. Whether this is true or not the park won’t say. They only say that very few babies have been born… Read More »Baby Born at Disneyland Resort

Miramax Brothers lose name, jobs, gain freedom

According to the LA Times the Weinstein brothers and the Walt Disney Company has agreed to the details of their upcoming split. Sadly the brothers will have to give up the name that was derived from the names of their parents. I’m sure they’ll get over it. Hundreds of other company founders have. Miramax will… Read More »Miramax Brothers lose name, jobs, gain freedom

NFL Broadcast Deal, Where’s ABC/ESPN?

The NFL has arrived at a giant of a deal for the next 5 years of TV rights for NFL football. This deal is bigger than the MLB, NBA, and NASCAR combined. One little problem, ABC and ESPN have yet to deal with the NFL. The Sunday night and Monday night deal has been sweetened… Read More »NFL Broadcast Deal, Where’s ABC/ESPN?

The end of Monday Night Football?

Say it ain’t so! USA Today speculates that Eisner might cut and run from the MNF contract between ABC and the NFL. The negotiations between the Mouse and the Gridiron could begin anytime, although Disney would prefer to wait until this season is over. ESPN’s NFL broadcasts are profitable, so possibly look for a move… Read More »The end of Monday Night Football?

Would you buy a used car from this man?

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Disney has been considering getting into the cell phone business. The Disney brand and the ESPN brand look to be the likely choices. ESPN-brand cell phones and service plans could be tailored to individual sports teams, allowing users to view sports scores, news and video clips, said Robert Entner, an… Read More »Would you buy a used car from this man?

ESPN The Weekend

Mickey Mouse must be a real sports fan because the former owner of the Angels, the current owner of the Mighty Ducks, and the many ESPN networks (5? now) is launching a new product this summer. It’s ESPN the Weekend. I’m a little disappointed I’m… Read More »ESPN The Weekend