Additional Tenants Announced for Disney Springs

There’s always room for more stories to be told at Walt Disney World. When Disney added Pleasure Island to Downtown Disney they created a story for explaining how the island went from factory to entertainment zone. Pleasure Island is long gone, and soon Downtown Disney… Read More »Additional Tenants Announced for Disney Springs

Clyde and Seamore Go to School with Sea Lion High at SeaWorld Orlando


SeaWorld Orlando premiered their new animal show Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High on Thursday, April 16, 2015, and it was a big hit with those in attendance.

The show started with a pre-show example of training the sea lions to do certain behaviors. They explained that the sea lions can get up to 650 pounds, so the first thing they do is establish a relationship between the trainer and the animal. Then they can begin to train the animal based upon the trust in that relationship.

Also prior to the show, the audience is taught the Sea Lion High fight song, complete with lyrics on the screen. Don’t forget to buy your foam fingers and cheerleader poms before you come to school.

Then the show starts, and it’s a perfect showcase for the animals. The storyline is it’s graduation day at Sea Lion High, but we discover that Clyde and Seamore haven’t completed all the classes they need to graduate. Until they do, they’re not eligible for scholarships to go to Ocean University.

Clyde has to retake science and dance, while Seamore has to retake gym, drama, and dance. It was a creative way to keep the action continuous on stage while giving each animal breaks from the action. They also have lunch together, though one of them was definitely getting the best of the Lunch Lady.

Towards the end there is a huge crisis, and Clyde and Seamore have to apply what they’ve learned to save the day.Read More »Clyde and Seamore Go to School with Sea Lion High at SeaWorld Orlando

Downtown Disney transforming into Disney Springs – February 2015 update


We’re back with our latest update from Downtown Disney as it transforms into Disney Springs. There are 30 photos and a great video in this mega-update.

New stores including: Chapel (hats), Apex (sunglasses), the Art of Shaving, and a few signs for as yet unopened stores are now on most of the store fronts in The Landing area. I’m not sure any shave is worth $55. But if you want one, The Art if Shaving will be glad to service you.

We recently profiled the newly activated parking garage spot finder system. Work on the second garage is just getting started. There are also three new dining locations in progress, The Boat House is looking nearly finished (outside at least), The Hangar is finally being enclosed, and serious remodeling is underway at the future Morimoto ASIA location.

Not clearly on the video is the progress on the parking garage, the work they’re doing to add off-ramps from Lake Buena Vista drive directly into the parking garage, and work going on in a few areas currently off-limits to guests that will be brand new shopping and dining areas added to Downtown Disney.

Can’t watch the video, I have 30 photos from my recent walk around Downtown Disney are below:

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The Dapper Dans, Musical Harmony Masters of Disneyland

Disneyland continues their semi-regular series of “Every Role a Starring Role” highlighting different positions throughout the resort. This latest video features the sweet barbershop quartet harmonies of the Dapper Dans, one of Disneyland’s longest running entertainment options. In this video Jim Campbell shares what its… Read More »The Dapper Dans, Musical Harmony Masters of Disneyland