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Former Disney band, American Martian sets date for second concert


American Martian, aka the band formerly known as Mulch Sweat n’ Shears, has just announced their second concert at the House of Blues in Disney Springs. The concert on March 28th is free and and open to all ages. Doors open at 6:30pm with four hourly forty-five minute sets performed starting at 7pm.

When Disney’s Hollywood Studios cut the band from its entertainment schedule fans were sad that the wild 11 year run of entertaining guests was over. They packed the band’s first concert under the new name American Martian with over 600 guests. This earned the band and their fans a second appearance at the House of Blues.

The band is inviting everyone to show up and maybe earn them even more appearances. Check out more concert details over on their Facebook event.

What about it Mulch Sweat n’ Shears fans? Will you be there?