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Watch Premiere Episode of Last Resort Online

Yesterday Facebook fans of ABC’s new drama Last Resort were the first to be given the chance to watch the show’s premiere episode – Captain. Five hundred feet beneath the ocean’s surface, the crew of the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine “USS Colorado” – the most… Read More »Watch Premiere Episode of Last Resort Online

Revenge: Grief

My Revenge viewing buddy described this week’s episode as: “omg omg omg holy sh*t”.

After finally catching the episode on Thursday, I can only agree.

Unlike last week’s yawner, this episode started with a crying Emily digging a grave. Since this show is nothing like it seems, we could only guess who the grave was for.

Operation White Haired Guy is in full swing and Emily and Daniel’s wedding has now turned into a full-blown publicity stunt ala Ashley’s “brilliant” brainstorms.

It’s no surprise Emily is more into uncovering the whereabouts of this white-haired man (WHM) than discussing table linens and the most minute details of the next “royal wedding”. (Oh, I wish I made that up. Ashley called it that, quick to remind Emily that Daniel is the royalty.)

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Revenge – It’s Flashback time!

This week on Revenge we traveled back to 2002. So when I was choosing a college and planning a holiday dance, Emily was kicking the crap out of men in club restrooms and was just all-out angry. She wasn’t her polished, Hamptons self using her unlimited bank account to get back at the people who framed her dad and ultimately, killed him. Her philosophy in life is the total opposite of what we have seen for the past 22 episodes: I don’t think that far ahead.

Already we know the purpose of this episode: how Emily transformed into this illustrious, well-dressed, intelligent young lady who is able to bury Amanda Clarke in order to successfully reach her goal.

While I understand what the writers of Revenge were attempting to do, I’m not entirely sure that I agree with it. The placement for one seemed odd. The details we find out were easily ones that could have been in an earlier episode or split up over a slew of episodes.

It makes me wonder if we needed this episode at all.

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Revenge: Absolution

With only 3 episodes left after a rollercoaster of a season, I can hands down say that Wednesday’s Revenge is officially my favorite. Maybe it’s because many storylines exploded all over the place, the tension remained consistently high, or Josh Bowman as Daniel made me cry and hate him in a period of about five minutes.

Who am I kidding? It was definitely all three.

It’s snowing in the Hamptons and Declan is still the only one with any sense. But Jack is slowly beginning to catch on. How did HIS hoodie end up in Lee’s car? The Graysons MUST have something to do with it. Finally, he’s piecing this devious puzzle together. His first instinct is to warn Emily. It’s a cute gesture but laughable since she’s pretty aware of what happened and who the Graysons are. He never gets a chance to tell her “the truth” because Daniel interrupts with news. He’s coming home for good.

The people of the Hamptons are just as enraged with Daniel’s release as the people of Orlando were with Casey Anthony’s except he leaves jail in broad daylight. Someone has even written MURDERER on Emily’s car. Even if it seemed like the trial was wrapped up with a pretty (bloody) bow, the drama is far from over. All the newspapers are still running with the story, and Emily suggests that Daniel provide an interview to stop the chatter once and for all.

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Revenge – Justice

Welcome back, drama fiends!

In just a week, we’ve managed to fast forward almost 3 months. Daniel’s trial is just about to begin. Jack is still out searching for Amanda. And Declan is scheduled to be a key witness in Daniel’s trial. Jack decides it’s time to come home.

Daniel’s team is hard at work, and they decide Emily is the best choice for an opening witness. The forensic evidence is not on his side, and they need to paint Daniel as a sympathetic character so who better to do that than Emily? (Victoria, of course, whines about this.) Their main goal is to present reasonable doubt in the jury because the DA’s initial offer no longer exists.

We learned in last week’s episode that Victoria will do just about anything to protect her son (even get him beat up in jail), so when they focus on one particular juror who has a son, it’s no surprise she is going to get Lee (the one who beat up Daniel & Jack) to join in the party and make sure the jury knows what is what.

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Revenge is back on ABC, Don’t Doubt it

Hello Revenge watchers! I’ve missed you and all the drama from our favorite guilty pleasure, haven’t you? A month without it might have felt like a long time, but the show didn’t waste any time getting dramatic. Nice to know some things stay the same, right?

Let’s backtrack, shall we? Where are these characters? Daniel is in jail. Emily is sitting in her house, promising herself that she will stop from getting so emotionally invested this time and FOCUS. Nolan is forcing her to eat something, while corralling Jack. Declan is trying to protect his brother and still remain Charlotte’s boyfriend. Charlotte is popping pills like M&Ms. Jack is freaking out over Amanda and that bank slip. Victoria still dresses to the nines even though her beloved son is in jail. She and Conrad are trying to work on a strategy for their court date (early December).

One nice happy family, right?

This was one episode where viewers really see what Victoria can do with her power, influence, and cash. And what she can’t. Pretty immediately she’s trying to pinpoint the “guy in the hoodie” as a girl with her hair tied up in a hat. A girl like Amanda Clarke. (Charlotte won’t sink to her level.) In fact, she’s so obsessed with framing Amanda Clarke on Tyler’s murder that she refuses to brainstorm about other potential theories like her lawyer suggests. But soon after, a light bulb goes off for her. How about Jack Porter? Amanda’s boyfriend. It all makes perfect sense, and now Emily looks like she is going to puke. Will anyone really believe “Montauk’s favorite son” did this, she asks Victoria. Instead, Emily suggests they hire someone to sway public opinion before the trial proceedings even begin. (Conrad to Victoria: “She might be Grayson material afterall.”)

Enter Mason Treadwell!

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The River – The Experiment

At this late stage in the show, they’ve finally started filling out some of the characters. Here’s what we learned:

Kurt had a hot fiancé named Hana. She worked at the research facility. Also she has a magical sat phone: though it goes to voicemail after a couple of rings the first time he calls, the second time he calls, it rings for a while. Not that I’m pointing out plot holes.

Tess completely shut down when Dr. Cole went missing. Curled up on the couch with crazy hair. It’s not what I would have expected from her after what we’ve seen in the jungle—the never-give-up attitude.

Lincoln wasn’t always so morose—in fact, he had a girlfriend. The show opens with cell phone camera video of Lincoln finding out his dad is missing. I wish they’d have used more of this kind of thing—it seems more real than the glossy television-ready camera quality we’ve seen all season.

Lena was working at a sporting goods store before the expedition. That’s where she was when she fainted and had some kind of vision that Cole and his team were still alive.

Back to the Outpost. It’s been vacant for months, according to Cpt. Kurt. Inside the abandoned and ransacked buildings of the Outpost, there’s music playing. It’s sort of Klezmer-esque, and it’s played up to really disturbing effect. Actually, it might be the scariest thing on The River since those creepy dolls.

Once inside, the team decides to follow some bloody footprints, which lead them to Dr. Cole’s hat and a roomful of corpses … and flies. Ugh. Lincoln volunteers to go in there and make sure none of the bodies belong to Cole. (They don’t.)

As they continue their search of the Outpost, they find the body of a tribesman who is tattooed with the symbol from Lincoln’s necklace and Lena’s neck, and he’s floating in some kind of pickling liquid with some weird bone structures growing out of his back.

Just as they discover the body, Kurt shows up with Rabbit, the flirty cameraman who left Cole alone in the jungle. Today, Rabbit will be playing the part of XXX. She immediately tells they team that “they” are coming. And they’re hungry.

That’s when things go insane.
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