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Pooch Perfect Fan Experience Coming to Disney Springs

Dog lovers prepare for a paw-some good time at the “Pooch Perfect” fan experience. The traveling event features family-friendly and touch-free activities that include a dog walk inspired by the set of the “Pooch Perfect” tv show. Fans can “strike a paws” for the gram… Read More »Pooch Perfect Fan Experience Coming to Disney Springs

New Pixar short features dog from “Coco”

Pixar has released a new animated short that introduces animation fans to Dante, the dog that journey’s with the young boy Miguel to the land of the dead in the upcoming movie – “Coco.” The new short “Dante’s Lunch – A Short Tail” features Dante… Read More »New Pixar short features dog from “Coco”

Disney in Real Life: Dug the Dog

Pixar’s much loved feature film “Up” takes curmudgeonly Carl Fredricksen and “Wilderness Explorer” Russell on an adventure. Along the way they meet a talking dog named Dug. But what if Dug was a dog in real life? A new digital series “Disney IRL” aims to… Read More »Disney in Real Life: Dug the Dog

Pet Resort to Pamper your Prince or Princess at Disney World

Is your dog, cat or “pocket pet” so much a part of the family that you just can’t bear to leave them at home during your family Disney vacation? Well, then you’re in luck, as Best Friends Pet Care Resort, a luxury pet resort at Walt Disney World Resort is now accepting reservations.

Reservations are being accepted for pet boarding stays beginning Aug. 27, 2010, for the new facility. This is the first time overnight boarding has been available at the Walt Disney World resort. Update: I forgot that Fort Wilderness and TTC currently has overnight boarding.

While the new facility may be a step up in service, with overnight boarding now available, it is a huge drop in convenience. Update: According to the Best Friends Pet Care website, the new facility will consolidate all the current WDW kennel facilities into one location. This is quite a bit less convenient for guests who are used to being able to drop their pets off right outside the main gate of the park they’re visiting that day.

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Laughs on a Leash

What do you get when you combine the latest film special effects with the classic Disney doggie adventure film? Through in a pampered pooch who gets caught up in a “ruff”-and-tumble comedy adventure and you get Beverly Hills Chihuahua, available on DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def on March 3, 2009 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

Sadly, the film was predictable and many of the film’s laughs were spotted in the trailers. That said, my 5 year old enjoyed the film particularly the talking animals. It’s also a top selling DVD on amazon right now. So your tastes may vary.

Bonus features include an all-new animated short, deleted scenes and bloopers—plus Blu-ray exclusives that take viewers behind-the-scenes of the breakout hit that has captured the hearts of families and canine lovers across the nation.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua features live-action performances from including Jamie Lee Curtis (Freaky Friday) and Piper Perabo (The Prestige), the voice talents of Drew Barrymore (Charlie’s Angels), George Lopez (Swing Vote), Andy Garcia (Ocean’s Thirteen), Cheech Marin (Cars) and Paul Rodriguez (A Cinderella Story), and 200 of the cutest canines north or south of the border! With its themes of courage, friendship and fun, this heartwarming and sublimely silly action adventure is a can’t-miss DVD event for kids and adults.

When a chic Chihuahua named Chloe (voiced by Drew Barrymore) goes astray south of the border, she must find her own way back to her indulgent 90210 life. Wealthy Viv’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) diminutive darling is misplaced in Mexico by a careless dog-sitter (Piper Perabo), thrusting her into the dog-eat-dog life of an ordinary mutt. As Chloe tries to make her way north with the help of her self-appointed protector Delgado (voiced by Andy Garcia) and a pack of new four-legged friends, hometown hero Papi (voiced by George Lopez), Chloe’s ardent Chihuahua admirer, embarks on a cross-cultural mission to rescue his beloved. As Chloe goes from ridiculously spoiled to newly self-sufficient, she also learns to embrace her “tiny but mighty” Chihuahua heritage.

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