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It’s a Dog’s Day with Santa at Downtown Disney Orlando

Guests visiting Downtown Disney Orlando this holiday season will notice that part of it has gone to the dogs. Disney’s new “Santa Paws” program invites dog owners to bring their pooches for a photo opportunity and meet and greet with Santa Claus in Downtown Disney… Read More »It’s a Dog’s Day with Santa at Downtown Disney Orlando

Thoughts on Death

Last week was my annual family vacation. We were all there – my brother took a week off from working at the clinic to come up, my sister gathered her two kids and brought them over, and I, of course, was home from school for the summer. Prior to leaving, we sent my 4-year old… Read More »Thoughts on Death

Joe Ranft: the legacy…

The shockwaves from Pixar Animator and Story man Joe Ranft’s death continue to spread across the internet and the world. Searches on his name now rank number 3 on technorati and reflections on how Ranft’s work and life continue to be posted. Ranft’s death is immensely sad news for the creators and fans of animation… Read More »Joe Ranft: the legacy…

Hong Kong Disneyland… or is that whiner land?

Hong Kong Disneyland has been in the news as much for the ticky tacky things that plague a new themepark as it has for the fact that it’s the first Disney theme park in China, which is the real story here. They’ve had problems with pollution, unexploded WWII shells, roving packs of dogs, shark fin… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland… or is that whiner land?

Mouse says, “CGI Animators Wanted”

After reports from SIGGRAPH 2005 Jim Hill ponders over the relationship between Disney and Pixar; their booths being set up so close in distance, but in direct competition with each other too. Also noted was the full court press Disney has on for hiring talented CGI Animators (possibly even stealing some away from Pixar). If… Read More »Mouse says, “CGI Animators Wanted”

Stitch Tattoo

One of Disney’s more popular animated features also generated Disney’s a character with an cult like following. That would be Stitch, the blue alien dog creature, from Lilo & Stitch. Too the left is a pic of a tattoo where Stitch is breaking through the skin on the back of someone’s neck. Here’s one of… Read More »Stitch Tattoo