Downtown Disney Marketplace is now home to a brand new kiosk called Happy Hound—a place to find all kinds of fun dog accessories. It sells everything from accessorized collars and leashes to toys and clothes, and is sure to offer some kind of special souvenir for your furry child.


I have to admit, most of these accessories are pretty adorable—especially the moustache toy. But, at least judging by these photos, it doesn’t seem like there are any Disney-themed items. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it would be nice to have a Disney-specific souvenir to bring home from Walt Disney World. Hopefully there are more items available that aren’t being shown, though.


What do you think of the Happy Hound kiosk so far? Would you like to bring home some accessories for your Pluto, Pongo, or Stitch?

(photos courtesy Disney)


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