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disney medley

Videopolis: Evolution of the Disney Prince Medley

We’re back with another fun, unique Disney video from YouTuber Daniel Coz. In “Evolution of the Disney Prince Medley” we travel from Snow White in 1937 all the way to Frozen in 2013 to see how your favorite Disney dudes and princes differ over the… Read More »Videopolis: Evolution of the Disney Prince Medley

Videopolis: One Man Disney Medley

Meet Daniel Coz. He’s a YouTuber and budding actor out of Toronto. He’s also a Disney fan who loves the movies, parks, and stage musicals. He sent along this new Disney medley where he sings every part in 14 different Disney songs. As a recent… Read More »Videopolis: One Man Disney Medley

Videopolis: Ukulele Disney Madness

One of the things I love about Disney fans is the variety of ways they come up with to express their passion. That’s why I created this Videopolis series for the blog. Each week we highlight different talent that we discover on YouTube. Today’s Videopolis… Read More »Videopolis: Ukulele Disney Madness

Videopolis: Guitar Solo Disney Medley

Normally our Videopolis videos feature a vocalist, a cappella group, piano or maybe a ukulele. But our first Videopolis of 2015 will feature something new, a video with a rock guitar twist. Fred Mubang made this arrangement of Disney Medleys for his electric guitar. Songs… Read More »Videopolis: Guitar Solo Disney Medley

Videopolis: Disney Meldley “Lyric Tag”

For today’s new Videopolis here’s something I’ve never seen before, a game of lyric tag. Two (or more, I guess) performers sing a song alternating every other word. In this case, it’s Kyle Wesley and Colton Iverson who are singing every other word in a… Read More »Videopolis: Disney Meldley “Lyric Tag”

Videopolis: Heather Traska Debuts New One Woman Disney Medley


As promised here’s the brand new One Woman A Capella Disney Medley Part 2 from YouTube star, and 19 year old college student, Heather Traska. As you might suspect, from the preview photos above, it has a villainy flavor, but as sweet ending.

That was pretty amazing. I hope someone at Disney Channel is watching and is able to add Traska to their pool of upcoming talented artists. With just a little promotion, I know she’ll be big.Read More »Videopolis: Heather Traska Debuts New One Woman Disney Medley

New Disney Video From Heather Traska on Thursday

When we first spotted YouTube Star Heather Traska, she had just released her “One Woman A Capella Disney Medley” Video – a 7 minute piece where she sings all the parts, wears costumes and makeup she designs herself, then edits it all together into a… Read More »New Disney Video From Heather Traska on Thursday