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Videopolis: Evolution of the Disney Prince Medley


We’re back with another fun, unique Disney video from YouTuber Daniel Coz. In “Evolution of the Disney Prince Medley” we travel from Snow White in 1937 all the way to Frozen in 2013 to see how your favorite Disney dudes and princes differ over the years via the magic of song.

“Recently Evynne Hollens released the ‘Evolution of the Disney Princess‘ and I was inspired to do the same with the Disney Princes (and some other prominent Disney male protagonists),” says Coz.

In case you missed it, here are the songs in the order they appear:

“One Song”- Snow White: 1937
“So This Is Love”- Cinderella: 1950
“Once Upon A Dream”- Sleeping Beauty: 1959
“Her Voice”- The Little Mermaid: 1989 (Song from the 2008 Broadway Production of the Little Mermaid)
“Something There”- Beauty and the Beast: 1991
“A Whole New World”- Aladdin: 1992
“If I Never Knew You”- Pocahontas: 1995
“Out There”- Hunchback of Notre Dame: 1996
“Go the Distance”- Hercules: 1997
“I’ll Make a Man Out of You”- Mulan: 1998
“I See The Light”- Tangled: 2010
“Love is an Open Door”- Frozen: 2013

Are any of your favorite Disney Dudes missing from the list?

Check out how Coz pulled off all the different looks in this behind the scenes video:

Productions like these take weeks of work to get everything together, record, and edit. I always love sharing them as part of the blog’s videopolis series.

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