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Videopolis: Cover of Adele’s Hello by Disney Princes


We’re back with another great video from YouTuber Daniel Coz. He’s come up with a great take on Adele’s new hit single “Hello.” Like the original it dwells on nostalgia and regret. Coz’s cover posits what would happen if Disney Princes didn’t live happily ever after. It features Aladdin, Flynn Rider and Prince Eric all of course portrayed by Daniel!

“It was one of those things where I wanted to do a cover of Adele’s hello but put a spin on it, and then I thought the story would work perfectly if Disney Princes didn’t live happily ever,” said Coz. “Before you know it a new video was born!”

Thanks to Daniel for sharing this video with us. What an imaginative take, just enough detail to make bring you into each character’s world. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Daniel has a great voice. If you like his cover, please help him by sharing it.

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