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Best Hidden Mickey Yet

Steamboat’s blog (whose blogroll I’m honored to be on) is written in Japanese, so I can’t understand a word of it. But judging by the photos it looks to extensively cover Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. She’s also posted what I consider to be one of the coolest Hidden Mickey’s around. Set during one of… Read More »Best Hidden Mickey Yet

Disney World Death Update

Dr. John Kuluz, an associate professor and expert in pediatric critical care and brain injuries at the University of Miami, said the mother’s report of her son’s rigidity suggests that the brain was a more likely suspect. "That episode of being rigid makes it sound as if the brain was having increased pressure," said Kuluz,… Read More »Disney World Death Update

Breaking: Child Dies after riding Mission: Space at Epcot

UPDATE: Autopsy finds pre-existing condition (11/15/2005) The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a 4-year old child has died after riding Mission: Space at Epcot. Although 4-years old, he apparently met the 44 inch height requirement for the ride. The cause of death has not been determined and the sheriff’s office is investigating. Also see Local10’s… Read More »Breaking: Child Dies after riding Mission: Space at Epcot

Some Weekend Reading

Just added a few trip reports to the list on the right. Three Kid Circus, a good parenting blog, is a hillarious recounting of one family’s Disneyland vacation. Start at this point and read the next three posts for all the juicy deets. Brandon, from my old stomping grounds of Portland Oregon, sent me a… Read More »Some Weekend Reading

Insight on a Wonderful Cruise

Having never been on a cruise ship before, I was awestruck by the insane engineering genius required to turn a 2,000-room hotel on its side and float it around the world. It’s only a matter of time before they strap rockets on one of these, fill it with battered calamari, key lime pie, alcohol, and… Read More »Insight on a Wonderful Cruise

Disney auctions off more history!

Disney is set to auction off more of its history. This time a couple of attraction vehicles from Disneyland including an old skyway car and a space mountain vechicle. Looks like these were the vehicles that had been hanging in the Rocket Rod’s queue. That queue is now part of the exciting Buzz Lightyear ride… Read More »Disney auctions off more history!