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Spot the Hidden Mickey

Seaworld06Can you spot the hidden Mickey in this photo? Now, can you tell me where I found it? (Answer below the fold)

Answer: This hidden Mickey was found at Seaworld, Orlando. It was in a relatively new shop, so I wonder if this was the work of some ex-imagineer poking a little fun at his old employer.

Since we live just a few short miles from Seaworld we decided to visit yesterday. Saw Shamu, some fun loving dolphins, and stingrays the size of a coffee table (had no idea they got that big). Can’t wait to get back. I could sit and watch dolphins and killer whales all day.

3 thoughts on “Spot the Hidden Mickey”

  1. It’s on the door, right? but it seems too easy question… is there any more hidden mickey there too?
    ciao from Italy

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