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Disneyland 50th Trip Report

Cindy Stephens, of the notable site, posts and in depth review of her three days at Disneyland as they kicked off their 50th Anniversary Celebration. Certainly makes me wish I was there.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland 50th Trip Report”

  1. i have been to disneyland and it is the best know that the 50th is here makes me want to go back even more

  2. Hello! I’m Rui from Portugal (Europe) and I’ve been twice to the Paris Disneyland… and it’s amazing. I’m a Huge Goofy fan, and I’ve bought in my last visit do Paris Disneyland a beautiful Goofy T-shirt, but now it’s old… and I’m sad (eehehe) well since I won’t be able to go in the near future again to the Paris Disneyland I would like to know if anyone could help me:

    – and tell me where can I buy a Goofy T-shirt (a funny and nice one) I can’t find any store on the internet that sell’s it…
    Doesn’t goofy has a lot of fans?!!…

    Rui from Portugal

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