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Disney Concert Hall – great photo

Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall, originally uploaded by mr.marco. Here’s a photo of the Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA. It’s taken from an angle you don’t usually see. I love how the fog is creeping in on the picture. Added bonus, that building that is peeking in on the right of the photo is… Read More »Disney Concert Hall – great photo

New Trend in Disney?

From Scotland of all places, we have news of a new Toy phenomenom sweeping Japan and soon the world. Of course the article is silent on one important detail… what are these little buggers called? Any ideas? Andy Mooney, Disney’s global chairman of consumer products said: "We literally have a phenomenon exploding that just started… Read More »New Trend in Disney?

How to give your wife exactly what she wants…

The husband asked his wife what she’d like for her birthday. "I’d love to be six again," she replied. On the morning of her birthday, he woke up early, got up, made her a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms and then took her off to Disneyland. What a day! They went on every ride… Read More »How to give your wife exactly what she wants…

Winning Bidder buried at Haunted Mansion

Clay Sharp, the winning bidder for the honor of being the first guest ‘buried’ at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion was entombed Thursday. His tombstone reads: Clay Doctor – Lawyer Legal Clerk Forever Buried in his work It will appear in the final section of the graveyard scene. LPWire has the full details.

Haunted Mansion Holiday Event

Cindy at reports on the 2004 Haunted Mansion Holiday event at Disneyland. While the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay of the haunted mansion is now open for the general public, it has become tradition to kick off the season with a special ticketed event full of entertainment and with the chance to buy some exclusive… Read More »Haunted Mansion Holiday Event

Whew. That was Close

Apparently Disneyland Paris was in a bit more financial trouble than previously believed. It had to file for bankruptcy again. This new plan should provide it some needed dept relief and investments in new attractions. Hopefully things will finally turn around for this debt strapped company.

Walt Dated World?

If you visited Walt Disney World in the past and are trying to remember some details about that attraction that has since been closed or remodeled, then there is only one destination on the internet for you — Walt Dated World. Alison has made quite a few updates this month: There is now a full… Read More »Walt Dated World?

Ack. Tigger Case Continues… has further details on the Michael Chartrand ‘Tigger’ case and the recent accusations against him. Some more Cast Members have jumped on the bandwagon. The two women claim that Chartrand touched them when he checked their Disney pin lanyards. One woman told detectives that… Read More »Ack. Tigger Case Continues…