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Ack. Tigger Case Continues… has further details on the Michael Chartrand ‘Tigger’ case and the recent accusations against him. Some more Cast Members have jumped on the bandwagon.

The two women claim that Chartrand touched them when he checked their Disney pin lanyards.

One woman told detectives that Chartrand reached out and grabbed the lanyard, which was hanging around her neck, Local 6 News reported. While doing so, Chartrand reportedly touched the woman’s breast, according to the statement.

Touching a cast members lanyard when they’re still wearing it is indeed a faus pas. But note, he would have been doing this while off duty. Also note, if everyone who touched a cast member’s lanyard was prosecuted for sexual harrassment (which this doesn’t live up to, btw) then Anaheim and Orlando courts would be full of pin traders, young and old.

This smells of more unjustified smearing of Chartrand’s character. Again, I’ve never met the man. But he’s an easy target right now. And I say, don’t accuse unless you’re willing to be judged. To the cast members with pin lanyards on, have you ever kept a good pin hidden until a friend approached to trade for it? Have you ever taken off the pin lanyard when you saw some guest who you didn’t want to interact with approach? Have you ever reached out and touched a young child admiring their pins? Could that have been misconstrued?

I think Disney had better watch out because Chartrand’s laywer might be building a pretty strong case for an ‘abusive work environment’ for his client. Go ahead and fire Chartrand then fight an unfair termination lawsuit as well. Go ahead.