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Star Wars Weekends In Full Force at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Just returned from an evening of fun at Star Wars Weekends over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I don’t have time to write a full report this morning, but here are a few highlights. I arrived to late for most of the festivities, but was able to get into Darth’s Mall and catch the new Hyperspace Hoopla. Lots of great merchandise this year, both for the event and fresh from Star Wars too. There was a 10-minute queue just to get in to the store, then if you wanted photos, special merchandise, or a D-Tech figure, there were even more lines. Crazy.

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Golden Horseshoe Revue Tribute Debuts at Disneyland in Limited Time Magic Edition

Today marked the debut of the new show “A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue” at Disneyland. The tribute features selections from the original show and is focused on proprietress Lilly (a reference to Walt’s wife Lillian) and her dancing girls. There’s some humor, but none of the vaudeville elements that were so fundamental to the charm of the original. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see all the dancing, costumes, and have Miss Lilly back on stage. But the show is incomplete without the traveling salesman and the wild antics of Pecos Bill.

What we do have are four great numbers “Hello, Everybody”, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, “Belly Up to the Bar” and “Can-Can”. The can-can number revives the burlesque routine in fine fashion and the actress playing Lilly brings just the right amount of sass and swagger to the role. Having four live musicians in the band is also a wonderful surprise.

I know this is a limited time magic event, but I fervently hope that Disneyland management sees this as proof that there is a demand for variety shows and brings back the whole full-length production. Heck, duplicate it out here in Orlando too.

I’ve embedded two highlights of the show below the jump, an official one from Disney and one from DisneylandLive fan site. You can also watch the whole thing here courtesy of WDWNT.

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Mickey Mouse dances with hit group Jabbawockeez

The Jabbawockeez, winners of the first America’s Best Dance Crew TV show, were at Walt Disney World on vacation recently. The park decided to hook them up with Mickey Mouse to trade some dance moves. Of course, Disney Social Media host Gary Buchanan had to… Read More »Mickey Mouse dances with hit group Jabbawockeez

Disney’s Newsies The Musical – “King of New York”

By all accounts Newsies The Musical is filled with toe tapping show stopping dancer numbers performed by high energy dancers which end in countless standing ovations night after night. Okay, maybe not quite all accounts, but it’s a pretty good show with a lot of… Read More »Disney’s Newsies The Musical – “King of New York”

Dancing With the Stars, Week 10 Recap – Freestylin’

It’s the finals, you guys! The quest for the mirrorball trophy is almost over. I’m usually so stressed out by this night that I record the show and watch it later. But, since I’m writing this blog, I put my big girl pants on and watched every second as it happened. Here we go!

After getting some advice on attitude from Carrie Ann, Ricki and Derek performed a sassy cha cha. Judging by Ricki’s phenomenal body transformation, this show is a great workout program. She sizzled in a short, sparkly red dress. Len declared it a dance deserving of the final, even though it lacked fluidity. Bruno called it fantastic, but agreed with Len on the fluidity issue. Carrie Ann said Ricki was living the dance. Triple 9s gave the pair a 27.

Rob returned from last week’s stellar performance to waltz with Cheryl. Bruno was pleased to see Rob follow his advice, and declared the dance fluid and glowing, despite some footwork mistakes. Carrie Ann said he’s like the male version of Cinderella, and he made it to the ball! Len felt it was simply beautiful. Another set of triple 9s from the judges gave the couple a 27.

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