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Club Penguin makes donations via players virtual coins

It’s been a long time since I wrote about Club Penguin, the virtual game for children that Disney purchased. But they’ve just wrapped up their fourth annual Coins For Change event and the results were remarkable. The Coins For Change campaign helps the young players of Club Penguin make change in the real world by donating virtual coins earned by playing in the online game.

Kids could donate virtual coins to provide medical help, build safe places or protect the earth. At the end of the event, the virtual donations to the three cause categories served as votes to determine how a $1M cash contribution from Disney Online Studios would be divided among charitable projects aimed at helping children, families and the planet.

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Shakeup at Walt Disney Studios, Dick Cook Resigns

Walt Disney Studios chair Richard (Dick) Cook has announced that he will be resigning his post. As chair of the studios cook over saw all live action and animated films released by the Walt Disney Company. Unfortunately there has been a fair amount of pressure for the studios to improve their offerings the last few years and many felt that Cook would eventually resign or be fired if things did not improve.

Cook was liked by most Disney fans, not just because he rose through the company from the bottom ranks of a front line attractions cast member at Disneyland, but also for his involvement in the fan community, such as his participation in the Carolwood Society. I’m sad to see him go and hope he stays involved in the Disney community.

Nikki Finke is reporting that Dick Cook was actually fired. But I guess in the higher levels of Hollywood, they call that a resignation.

(via the LA Times)

Follow below the jump for his official bio:

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Disneyland Resort Cast Members Slim Down for a Cause

When you work at a Disney theme park you don’t have to look far for a chance to make a difference in the community as well. This year Disneyland Resort Cast Members are shedding pounds, making healthier choices and feeding the hungry in Orange County this summer, all as part of the Disneyland Resort Weight Loss Challenge for Charity. The Resort is partnering with the Orange County Food Bank to administer the challenge, during which a pound of food will be donated for every pound lost by a Cast Member.

The Challenge launched this week, with official weigh-in locations throughout the Resort confidentially recording the starting weight of participating Cast Members. Midway through the Challenge, there will be an additional official weigh-in for tracking progress. The program will culminate with final results being recorded during the week of September 14. As an extra benefit, one additional pound of food will be donated to the Food Bank for every participant who enrolls in the Challenge.

“The Weight Loss Challenge is a great opportunity for our Cast Members to do something positive for themselves and for others,” said Kristin Nolt Wingard, senior vice president, public affairs and an executive champion for health and wellness at Disneyland Resort. “While we lose, the Orange County Food Bank wins.”

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Disneyland iPhone App makes your trip easier via Community

A new Disneyland iPhone App for sale on iTunes makes your trip easier through cooperation. The “Got PlanS Disneyland Park Planner” by HyTech Professionals (ie, not Disney) includes the usual trip planning mobile application components: a park map, dining suggestions, attractions, etc. But Got PlanS… Read More »Disneyland iPhone App makes your trip easier via Community

D23 Membership Cost and Benefits details

For those waiting to hear exactly what Disney’s D23, the new Official Community for Fans, will involve and what it will cost to join, has spilled the beans a few hours earlier than the official announcement was scheduled for. You can actually visit DisneyShopping… Read More »D23 Membership Cost and Benefits details