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Introducing “Townsquare” – Forums for The Disney Blog

I’m proud to announce that “Townsquare“, the official forum for The Disney Blog, is now in open beta. That means there will probably be a few changes, but it’s essentially stable and ready to host all the great discussions I know this community is capable of.


Registering is easy. Just head to (or click the ‘forums’ button at the top of this page) and click where it says ‘register’ in the middle of the page. Or you can go right there by clicking here. Enter your information and a password will be sent to the email you provide. (You may need to check your spam folder to find the email.)

I created Townsquare because I think every community needs a place to mingle. In small town America the town square was a place for the community to gather and discuss the latest news, share rumors, and socialize. Walt Disney built a town square in each of his Magic Kingdoms that served much the same function.

Please be sure to read our Community Guidelines before posting. Then once you’re ready, post about anything Disney related (or use the Holidayland area for non-Disney topics). I hope you’ll find The Disney Blog’s Townsquare a great place to mingle and be a Disney fan and to meet other Disney fans.

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