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Disney’s Give A Day, Get a Day promotion ends

The promotion that aimed to get people volunteering in their local communities in exchange for a free ticket to a Disney theme park has come to a close with the 1 millionth volunteer. Give A Day, Get A Disney Day reached that number in just over two months, quite a bit faster than they expected I hear. Disney was coy if the program would actually end with the 1 millionth participant, but that was the original goal and they stuck to it.

If anyone in The Disney Blog community participated, please leave a comment with your experience in the program.

11 thoughts on “Disney’s Give A Day, Get a Day promotion ends”

  1. Please note that if you have already signed up and are confirmed to be volunteering within the next 60 days that you will still get your ticket.

    1. I made twelve baby quilts for our local National guard Armory. I was told today that the program ended two days ago. I am so frustrated. Are you sure about us still getting our tickets? My volunteer date is set for March 15th but they let me do this project at home since it was in sewing baby quilts. I am delivering them today. Thanks.

  2. My husband and I volunteered last weekend, and I printed our vouchers today. We’re both annual passholders, so we’ll be exchanging the certificates for the “ear hat figurine with trading pins” this coming weekend. It was fun – we did it with my department from work at a local Habitat for Humanity event, so it was neat to see my boss and husband frying funnel cakes side-by-side. I think it was a good promotion, but I do think it’s kinda tacky to cut the program off during the second week of March, when it’s supposed to be a year-long promotion, even if they have gotten 1 million to sign up to volunteer.

  3. I believe if you’re already registered through the site then you’re good to go. Just get your product done within the time limit and redeem your voucher by Dec 15th. Check for the full details

  4. Q:I already completed my sign up at and have committed to complete a volunteer activity through this site within the next 60 days. Will I still be able to receive a voucher for a free ticket to a U.S. Disney Theme Park?

    A:Yes. If you already completed the signup process, including entering a specific date and time to volunteer, you will still be able to participate in the program. Once you complete your service, and your service has been verified, you can print a voucher for a free ticket Please allow 2 weeks after your volunteer service to be verified for your voucher to be available at You can check the status of your verification by logging in to Manage Account.

    Check out the Disney website for more FAQs regarding this program… it’s very helpful!

  5. My family and I are scheduled to volunteer this weekend…I had reached out to other opportunities for the last couple months but was they were filled. A couple weeks ago my request was accepted and I had asked the contact at the event several times what I needed to complete to make sure I received our vouchers, but I hadn’t heard back. I planned on asking her in person at the event that is scheduled this weekend, 3/20. We even canceled a family trip so we could be sure to complete the volunteer opportunity for our tickets for a Florida trip we have planned in August. I had no idea the promotion was only for the first 1 million volunteers…can anything be done for us?

  6. Me and my family signed up and volunteered because we were visiting for springbreak only to find out after we printed off our vouchers that they are not valid for spring break. Not cool, why would they blackout those dates? I Know why they did it, but i never thought Disney world wwould play the politics card. Frustrating!!!

    1. Same thing happened to us – very disappointing, I’m trying to figure out how they can still apply – I was told to call the special “Give a day, Get a day hotline # and perhaps they would have a suggestion. Good Luck !!!!

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