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Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-8-10

A Window to the Magic (iTunes) Episode #227 Guest Host TJ shares with us a tribute to Harriet Burns. In an NPR ‘This American Life’ type format, we hear from many people who relate anecdotes about Harriet, including several Disney Legends as well as her daughter. We are relayed details from her early days at the Walt Disney Company (the new girl on the block) to her recent death. You have to hear the stories of her in the model shop maintaining her pristine demeanor at the same time working with power tools.  But, it wasn’t all work and no play, as evidenced by the handstand races and minor bird indiscretions.  I can picture in my mind the excitement her daughter had at receiving remnants of the Candy Mountain, being able to share with her classmates. And her having some of the most detailed Halloween costumes around must have been a sight. It is truly such a loss to no longer have with us such a proper lady with a ‘wicked sense of humor.’  Needless to say, with all of the WTTM shows, this is a must listen!

Mousetalgia (iTunes) Episode #70 Starting off with ‘Disney’s Scene it’ game, our team reveals a gap in their knowledge. (LOL ) Dining at Club 33 lately? Talk about detail, they discuss the authenticity of some of the artifacts found within the club. But the conversation goes deeper, discussing the ‘morality of excess’ in having such an expensive club in this economy. On a more pleasant note, some informed hearsay on why the Mr. Lincoln attraction is not named President Lincoln is relayed. Bob Gurr relates details on how that animatronic operates, and how Walt ‘tricked’ Royal Dano as he recorded the audio. Also discussed, is it OK that Mickey is being portrayed as a graffiti artist in the latest merchandise trend?

Netcot (iTunes) Episode #158 Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln This is probably one of his most controversial top 7 lists ever! How dare you sir, take three months off, and come back with a show that suggests anything wrong with the theming of these attractions! Or that all the technical work that went into Mr. Lincoln didn’t pay off. I say again, how dare you!J

Dave’s Disney View (iTunes) Episode #3 An Overview of the Pavilion that was “Horizons” in EPCOT-This first part discusses the history, design, detail and makeup of the Horizons pavilion. The initial sponsors and their decadent lounge with its roof top camera (cool). Dave relates his time enjoying that lounge, including many details that we would never have seen ourselves.

Remember the Magic (iTunes) Episode #21 We are introduced to Mikey from Magic City Mayhem and his youtube channel. He tells of his first meeting with Lou Mongello (oh Lou!!), and how he likes to tour the parks spoiler free. The hidden Mickey this week is from Mickey’s Philharmagic. We also meet Marc Silverman of the Discast. And he tells of the inspiration behind the perspiration of his own podcast. Concluding the show they chronicle this week in Disney history and give some shout outs. (Thanks for the @dis_pod_review props guys-had to rewind and hear it a couple of times!)

Running to Disney (iTunes) Episode #50 50th episode-Congrats on 50: Gordon you’re as lean and trim as you were when you graduated! But he repines the idea of how much time we have spent listening and that he has ran talking. He relates side effects of his weight loss-being cold all the time and clothes falling off of him. He presents an idea every runner has had, turning the tables on the dogs, maybe running after them or even worse. His accent is further scrutinized, with conclusions that he doesn’t have the accent, everybody else does. But on more serious notes, the importance of the being fitted and having the right shoe is emphasized. And not letting your race schedule rule your running. Thinking beyond the here and now, and more so for the long term running life.

The Season Pass (iTunes) Episode #115 Tim Delaney Part#2  Disneyland Paris and Space Mountain 3/1/10 More of his fascinating work on DLRP.  I loved the story of how drawings he created, all but got tossed in the trash, are now in many of the imagineers guides. Also, we really don’t know everything that goes into an attraction. There is no cookie cutter attitude to design at WDI. Michael Eisners’ 2:30 AM visits during construction and Frank Wells even picking up trash are all stories that astound. The new technology used in their Space mountain, the surprise dinner in the Nautilus all amazing! Did you know they used Thumper to test Space Mountain? The ending conclusion: Delaney brings the project in under budget! Eisner even sends him a letter stating: “Thank you for saving Disneyland Paris.” Of course Tim was hoping for more in that envelope. LOL

WDW Radio (iTunes) Episode #159 February 28, 2010 ESPN branding of the sports complex was so much more than just slapping up a new sign. Lou shows us how ESPN the weekend at Hollywood Studios is a great venue for any sports fan. Even some sports you wouldn’t usually equate with WDW: archery, car racing, sports fishing or horseback riding are all highlighted. A new segment: Listener Fact or Fiction gave us another reason to yell at our ipod with our answers to his trivia questions. (Ed: Mongello! The Monge, Jello!)

The DisUnplugged (iTunes) 3/2/10 Gatorland, Rose and Crown Dining Review Pete is back, for good! (insert applause here) Was the Sea World accident preventable? I appreciated and agreed with their conclusions. Pete’s rant du jour is regarding monthly payments for annual passes. Kathy reviews the beloved Gatorland; detailing the history, prices, the featured reptiles, birds and the shows. The Rose and Crown review reveals the drastic decline in this restaurant, so bad they attempted to make a reservation at another restaurant while still there!

Keys to the Kingdom (iTunes) Episode #125 A Disney Cruise Special Part 4-A Post Disney Cruise Review The entire clan (yes the whole clan) relate their awesome cruise trip from the airport, to the terminal to the ship. They expand on the service aspect of a Disney cruise, detailing how it is different from any other cruise line. They let us know how the whole ‘spa’ cruise thing went (hint-started well enough). I love the comment that the parents want to spend more time with the kids, but the kids wanted to stay at the clubs.

The Disney Brit (iTunes) Episode #36 Boy you think it’s cold in the parks lately? How about DLRP where the Rivers of America has been frozen over lately? Day 19 of Adam’s Daily Disney Diary relates the benefit of a late breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. Blizzard Beach and Indy racing experience with a washout and Cirque Du Soleil with seating tips fill out this day. Around the world in 80 segments bring us dining and shopping options in Adventureland. The Bazaar, the Pirate’s League and Dole Whips are underscored. And they give us some direction to plan your trip DIY style, showing how with a little work you can save hundreds of pounds (or a few bucks).

All About the Mouse (iTunes) Episode #151 Planning a Trip for a first time WDW Visitor A DL regular plans a trip to WDW for the marathon. They help him plan to get the most out of both aspects of his trip from lodging, food (it always gets back to the food) and transportation. One thought that they gave me, Why is the dining plan so difficult? Also attractions that you should not be missed, even if they are already at DL. Another DL regular talks about the return of Captain EO. Why do they hope that it doesn’t stay long in the park? And Disney’s admittance of the dated nature of this film, calling at a ‘tribute’ is clearly seen. And in conclusion a heavier cover of the Mickey Mouse March.

Mouse Travel Tips (iTunes) Episode #4 Fast Passes, Disneyland, Alice in Wonderland & Mad Tea Party Minimize wait time with fast passes and Rachel tells us how with some great . . .tips how to make best use of these. She also relates some down sides to be careful of. A nice overview of DL with ties to Walt is relayed. And in tribute to the new Alice movie, she shares all the references of Alice in the parks with their interesting history.

WDW Today (iTunes) Episode #689 Listener Questions Are Layoffs affecting park performance? With latest changes to the Dining Plan, is service affected? They relate memories of their first trip to WDW (pop-up camper? And losing your brother?) A math question is asked about using multiple ‘no hopper’ passes to hop park to park. How many photopass cards can you put on a photopass cd?  Any information on the Venetian Resort? Any tips to obtain hard to get ADR’s, get on the phone and online at the same time? And the infamous question about becoming a glitzy glamorous travel agent is asked with tips for success in that field.

PassPorter Moms Podcast (iTunes) Episode #6 The School that Walt Built An interview with Keely Hutton on her authored books and the educational value of the parks. The team has some intriguing ideas to make a fun family trip into a way to teach your children. Also the controversial topic of taking kids out of school is discussed with some reasonable recommendations. Questions regarding tipping, Kim Possible, and babies around costumed characters round out this episode.