Behind Disney’s Tilt-Shift Videos

This morning’s must read story is the interview with Todd Heiden, International PR Director, Disney Destinations LLC. He tells the story of how the Tilt-Shift videos Disney Parks have been deploying have increased customer engagement… plus they’re just damn cool.

So how did Disney start to use them, well let’s let Todd explain:

I was first introduced to tilt-shift by my sister-in-law who is an avid photographer. She shared an example of a video by a gentleman in Australia and I was mesmerized by the effect. Tilt-shift is first and foremost a photographic technique, but when the individual images are stitched together the resulting video works particularly well with motion and people. I thought, since so many of our ideas start out as models, how fun would it be to revert to a model-like look and incorporate both motion (trains, monorails, busses, boats, etc.) and moving people?

You can check out the latest tilt-shift video on Youtube. (Correction: my bad… not tilt-shift, just time lapse… still cool though) Do you have any favorites among the tilt-shift videos?

2 thoughts on “Behind Disney’s Tilt-Shift Videos”

  1. I love those tilt-shift videos, the effect really is fascinating. You know it’s a photographic effect but the sensation of viewing a pint-size model with all that bustling activity is just so cool.

    FYI, the link you give isn’t a tilt-shift, it’s a time-lapse video of work for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. Certainly fascinating in its own right, but not an example of the tilt-shift method.

  2. I think the tilt-shift videos are some of the coolest I’ve ever seen. I also love good photography, so this level is just amazing. It’s great that Disney is using the videos to show off the parks. My favorite though is still the day at Magic Kingdom! I love to watch it all the time :).

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