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D23 Membership Cost and Benefits details


For those waiting to hear exactly what Disney’s D23, the new Official Community for Fans, will involve and what it will cost to join, has spilled the beans a few hours earlier than the official announcement was scheduled for.

You can actually visit DisneyShopping right now and enroll or buy a membership for your family or friends.

Here’s an official description for D23:

D23 – Disney’s first official community for fans – celebrates the wonder and excitement that began in 1923 when Walt Disney opened his studio in Hollywood. Through the years, Disney’s stories, characters and experiences have captured the imagination of fans everywhere, and now D23 places you in the middle of the magic. Go backstage, behind closed doors, and get the inside scoop, while experiencing the nostalgia, adventure and fantasy of Disney as never before.

What does D23 mean?

“D” stands for Disney, and “23” represents 1923, the year that Walt Disney arrived in California and founded what was to ultimately become The Walt Disney Company.

The cost of a membership is $74.99 and it can be given as a gift. If you buy your membership in 2009 you’ll become a D23 Charter Member. A one-year D23 Charter Membership includes:

  • Disney ”twenty-three” Quarterly Publication: A one-year subscription (four issues) to D23’s exquisite collectible magazine, filled with stunning photography, dazzling illustrations and the ultimate Disney insider perspective. It’s your all-access pass to discovering the magic of Disney’s past, present and future!
  • Membership Card and Certificate: Your membership card and personalized, suitable-for-framing charter member certificate feature many of Disney’s most beloved characters drawn by Disney Master Artist David Pacheco.
  • Surprise Collectible Gift: A collectible just for D23 members. You’ll receive a gift you’ll cherish from the new Walt Disney Archives Collection.
  • Exclusive Special Events and Merchandise: D23 offers its members unique special-event opportunities throughout the year, as well as access to exclusive, limited-edition merchandise and collectibles.
  • D23 Expo: It’s the ultimate Disney fan experience, taking place in Anaheim, California from September 10-13, 2009. This can’t-miss event will feature guest speakers, celebrity appearances, breathtaking exhibitions, sneak peeks, film screenings, one-of-a-kind merchandise, and so much more! Admission will be discounted for D23 members.
  • Subscription to bi-weekly D23 FanFare e-newsletter with breaking news and special offers. (You may opt out of receiving FanFare after your first e-newsletter arrives.)
  • Plus, stay connected to D23 every day at, featuring up-to-the-minute Disney news, feature stories, event info, merchandise and more.

As of now no family memberships are offered. You must be 18 years old to join or purchase membership (so there is no point of a family membership anyway as discounts will probably be applied to something like “up to 4 people” (see D23 Expo details below).

There will be a variety of D23 members-only events throughout the year. Check online at to find out about upcoming events. Special promotional codes and information for some events will be sent out via email and e-newsletters, so once D23 members start receiving D23 emails and e-newsletters, they may not wish to “opt out” of receiving that correspondence.

Finally there are some additional details on the big D23 convention:

D23 Expo
What is the D23 Expo?

It’s the ultimate Disney fan experience, taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California (across the street from Disneyland), September 10-13, 2009. This four-day can’t-miss event will feature incredible speakers, celebrity appearances, breathtaking exhibitions, sneak peeks, film screenings, one-of-a-kind merchandise, and so much more! There will be something for children of all ages, fans, the whole family, and friends.

When will tickets go on sale for the Expo?

Tickets will go on sale this spring. Check the D23 Web site for more information. Members will be alerted the day tickets go on sale.

How much will the Expo cost?

General Admission:
Adult 1-day $37
Child 1-day $27
Child 4-day $81 (4th day free)

D23 Member Admission (D23 members may purchase up to four discounted tickets per membership):
Adult 1-day $30
Adult 4-day $90 (4th day free)
Child 1-day $22
Child 4-day $66 (4th day free)

All details are scheduled to change, of course. More details can be found on the official FAQ.

10 thoughts on “D23 Membership Cost and Benefits details”

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  5. “The cost of a membership is $74.99”

    Dead on arrival. Sorry folks – I’m already a Passholder & fail to see even CLOSE to $75 of value.

    Conversely – offer discounts on trips & rooms, and I may drop my Annual Pass ($75 is much better than $800).

    I love Disney – but is free :)

  6. No family memberships. I thought Disney was all about family. So now if we all want to join it will cost us $300.00. Where is the “Where parents and children can have fun together” philosophy. I realize if one person joins, the information is available to all, but hey we are all Disney fanatics and all like to have the D23 certificate.

  7. So Disney wants to hit people up for $75 above and beyond the couple of hundred many are already paying for annual passes, for the “privlege” of receiving yet another newsletter where they’ll try and convince you to spend even more money on Disney merchandise? In this economy? I can barely justify my annual pass. I can’t see how I can justify another $75 per family member plus another $90 per family member for the expo plus whatever they want for their “exclusive” D23 Merchandise. I don’t doubt Disney will find many takers, but enough to make this a success? I don’t know…

  8. Ok, I LOVE Disney….but 75 bux is pretty steep just to show me more stuff I can buy? And $7 is hardly a discount when you consider the cost to get there, get a hotel and eat…let alone purchase stuff! As many have also said , the AP’s cost enough as it is, then once again add in all the other expenses…sadly…I’ll have to let this one go…:(

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