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D23, Disney’s New Membership Club

Update: Many more details revealed at Disney Online.

I was just sent the two photos below of what appears to be membership pins for a new merchandise club for Disney fans called D23. (WDW News Today is running the same photos so I hope they’re real.)



We still don’t have many details about what D23 will offer. Rumors include an enrollment fee, a yearly convention, exclusive merchandise, and an online community. We’ll see shortly, I guess. All the details will be revealed on March 10th.

I like the Hidden Oswald in the Charter Year pin, but Plane Crazy didn’t come out until 1928. I suppose that’s just being picky. The Walt Disney Brothers Studio was founded on October 16, 1923 and that’s the generally accepted starting year for The Walt Disney Company that exists today.

9 thoughts on “D23, Disney’s New Membership Club”

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    1. Mousefest is not an “official” Disney event and I believe the “convention” they are talking about may be more like the old “Disneyana” convention which was discontinued a few years back.

  2. What a horrible idea. Does Disney realize the extent to which the recession is impacting consumers? Do they really expect us to fork out more bucks for a “community” that we’ve already been part of for years? Sorry, this is just the wrong idea at the wrong time. Someone at Disney marketing doesn’t have his or her priorties straight.

    1. Yes they do expect you to fork out the dollars, and from all the threads Ive been reading on all different sites there are PLENTY of people willing to do just that… myself included of corse. Sure there are a few people that feel the way you do, But for the most part, chances are if your researching this thing, your a fan, a fan who will sacrifice a little to enjoy life with the things you love in tow.. Disney!

  3. I picked up a copy of the premiere magazine today at a Barnes & Noble- It’s a nice glossy roughly 12″x12″ magazine with membership information inside- Loads of great pictures and articles- I grabbed a copy immediately for 15.95-It comes sealed in plastic, but I flipped thru the display- It must have slipped out early in error- but there is an expo in Anaheim on 9/10-9/13/09- I don’t recall seeing how much membership is, but I haven’t opened my copy since I can get into trouble at work.

  4. Well said Katie. I would be interested in some type of magazine publication on a regular basis. Especially if it regularly included the early history..

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