‘Bolt’ not a total dog for Disney

When you factor in overseas box office Disney’s most recent feature animation attempt Bolt is now nearing $300 million.

“Bolt” also remains a winner for Disney overseas, grossing $4.2 million for the weekend in 26 territories for a cume of $171.6 million. Pic has yet to open in Japan. “Bolt,” which grossed $114 in its domestic run, sports a worldwide cume of $285.6 million.

Not the huge success it would have been if it hadn’t been up against the twin terrors of Twilight’s screaming fans and the millions of Miley fans who had grown too old for that scene, but no longer a failure either. Instead Bolt now rests in that comfortable inbetween phase.

Word is Disney is carefully looking at how they market “The Princess and The Frogs” as well as its Christmas release date as a possible major competitor has moved onto the same day.

(via Variety)