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WALL-E Continues to Impress – More News and Reviews

Positive Reviews for Pixar’s WALL-E are coming in faster than anyone can really keep up with now that the movie has hit the big screen across the nation. Every minute another dozen twitters about the movie are posted and the buzz continues to grow. There’s… Read More »WALL-E Continues to Impress – More News and Reviews

WALL-E Reviews and Mega Link Collection

A little robot called WALL-E rolls its way into movie theaters tonight at midnight and then into the hearts of millions. This post will be a clearing house for all the news, reviews, and great links I can find on Pixar’s feature animated hit WALL-E.… Read More »WALL-E Reviews and Mega Link Collection

WALL-E Soundtrack Released

The original soundtrack for Walt Disney/Pixar Animation’s WALL-E is now available. I’m particularly looking forward to Thomas Newman’s score and Peter Gabriel’s original song “Down to Earth”.

Wall-e Original Soundtrack

Check out the full track list (although some track names may be spoilers):

1. Put On Your Sunday Clothes
2. 2815 A.D.
3. Wall-E
4. The Spaceship
5. EVE
6. Thrust
7. Bubble Wrap
8. La Vie En Rose
9. Eye Surgery
10. Worry Wait
11. First Date
12. Eve Retrieve
13. The Axiom
14. BNL
15. Foreign Contaminant
16. Repair Ward
17. 72 Degrees and Sunny
18. Typing Bot
19. Septuacentennial
20. Gopher
21. Wall-E’s Pod Adventure
22. Define Dancing
23. No Splashing No Diving
24. All That Love’s About
25. M-O
26. Directive A-113
27. Mutiny!
28. Fixing Wall-E
29. Rogue Robots
30. March of the Gels
31. Tilt
32. The Holo-Detector
33. Hyperjump
34. Desperate Eve
35. Static
36. It Only Takes a Moment
37. Down to Earth
38. Horizon 12.2

Full press release is below the cut:
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Pixar’s WALL-E, what are your plans?

Photo: A new sign for the still under construction “Pixar Place” of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Note the iconic use of Luxo, Jr., The desk lamp that Pixar uses in its logo. I was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today and spent quite a bit of time… Read More »Pixar’s WALL-E, what are your plans?

Wall-e News and Updates

Some quick news from the world of Pixar’s WALL-E.

Finally, below the cut you’ll find another cute vignette of Wall-E encountering a fire hydrant.

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Early WALL-E Reviews are In for Pixar

WALL-E screenings are beginning to happen with one of the first being the wrap party for Pixar employees. Obviously, there are some slight spoilers, if you want to form your own opinion. Here’s DoomMunky at the Quarter to Three Game Forums who saw WALL-E at… Read More »Early WALL-E Reviews are In for Pixar