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California Adventure

Shameless Plug: My Report on Snow White Anniversary Event

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My written and pictoral coverage of the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 70th Anniversary Event is now online at The event took place this past Friday night and included, among other things, a panel discussion with John Lasseter, Leonard Maltin, Roy E. Disney and other names animation nerds would immediately know.

Concept Art Released for Today’s DCA Announcements

Here is some concept art released today to go along with the announced improvements coming to California Adventure. Carthay Circle recreation at the new Entry Plaza. Part of the attempt to show case Southern California as Walt Disney himself would have experienced it in the… Read More »Concept Art Released for Today’s DCA Announcements

Anaheim and Long Beach

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Sarah Tully of the Orange County Register brings us another piece on the ongoing dispute in Anaheim between the tourist businesses and the housing developers over land in the Anaheim Resort District.  This time, SOAR, the pro-tourism group, has offered a report showing that a hotel and retail complex would generate more tax money than… Read More »Anaheim and Long Beach

Good answer to Will you change travel plans question

I’ve had a few great responses to my desire to know how Disney’s recent spate of deaths and injuries has affected your travel plans, if at all. I’m happy to say that everybody appears to be fairly sane, is a little more cautious. I wanted to post this response I got through another channel as… Read More »Good answer to Will you change travel plans question

Wet Disney Dreams in Shanghai?

Hot on the heals of the Korean Disney park ‘announcement’ comes a bit of speculative news from Shanghai. The article states "the sources said the park will be four times bigger than Hong Kong’s Disneyland," which sounds like someone’s wet dreams to me. Disney Corporate claims to have very valid business reasons for building these… Read More »Wet Disney Dreams in Shanghai?

Further Details while coaster remains closed

"We were stopped for about 60 seconds. We had never stopped that long," Bromagen said. "I could hear the other car coming. We couldn’t do anything but get ready to be hit. We couldn’t move and we couldn’t see it coming." Then, he said, he "heard a tremendous smack and then people screaming," The LA… Read More »Further Details while coaster remains closed

Breaking: Crash at California Adventure Coaster

There has been a crash on California Screamin’ the big coaster at California Adventure, the second gate at Disneyland Resort. TV images and reports indicate that one train stopped partially out of the final braking zone and a second train ran into the back of it. The LA Times reports that over 60 guests were… Read More »Breaking: Crash at California Adventure Coaster

Roy Disney sell out or visionary?

At Scenes from a Hat Bigby wonders if Roy Disney sold out. He draws this list of items Roy himself said the company had to solve before Roy would end his campaign. 10 years of declining performance failing strategy lack of executive depth decline in working conditions and cast morale failure of ABC network failure… Read More »Roy Disney sell out or visionary?