Concept Art Released for Today’s DCA Announcements

Here is some concept art released today to go along with the announced improvements coming to California Adventure.

Carthay CircleCarthay Circle recreation at the new Entry Plaza. Part of the attempt to show case Southern California as Walt Disney himself would have experienced it in the late 20’s through the late 30’s. Note the ‘Street Car’ transportation in this concept art too. That’s a crucial part of guest transportation for the Second Gate 2.0.

Toy Story Mania - Concept art

Toy Story (Midway) Mania. This announcement leaves off the Midway, although I’ve heard it will get the longer name.

The Little Mermaid Concept Art

The Little Mermaid attraction. Some update of the Tony Baxter planned attraction for this modern Disney classic animated feature.

Carsland Concept Art

Radiator Springs Racers. Needs a new name, but this is concept is the major attraction of the new ‘Carsland’ 12-acre expansion. RSR will feature ‘Test Track’ style cars and technology racing through a ‘Cars’ character populated race. This will take up major acreage.

World of Color Concept Art

Disney’s World of Color. A night time water show that is supposed to blow you away and dwarf the Bellagio show in Las Vegas. Will fit in the current lake area, but a viewing area will have to be constructed to fit 7000-10000 guests per show.

You can download the full fact sheet PDF.

2 thoughts on “Concept Art Released for Today’s DCA Announcements”

  1. I keep seeing references to the Little Mermaid attractions being the “Tony Baxter” attraction, probably because of the Little Mermaid DVD extra that showcased it. It should be noted that Tony’s friend and former WDI coworker, John Stone, was an incredible talent behind this project. I’m not for a moment downplaying Tony’s role or his overall creativity, but I think Tony, in person, would be the first person to tell anyone how much of that project was John Stone’s doing. Back when I was still a high school kid, Tony had his assistant arrange and host a private tour of WDI for me, and part of that tour was getting into a room set up for an entire Little Mermaid land. John Stone personally showed me the models and storyboards and such.

    It was a really great concept and I hope what we’ll see at DCA will be similar. Stone is an awesome model maker and designer. A very talented man.

    1. Thank you Mr. Pellman for you kind words. Approx. 5 years ago Mr. Stone was let go from Disney telling him that his services were no longer needed. For 26 years he was an amazing Model Maker. They said that he was the best that WDI had & soon became a Sr. Designer with the company. I am a bit biasid as I am his wife, but his tallent is incredible. We hear all of the time how he is missed & many of his co-workers wished that he was still there. We constantly hear all of the time about projects that John was responsible for, but others get the credit. Recently a DVD & Book were put on the market for sale and it talkes about many of the projects that he headed up, but no where is he even mentioned nor is he in any of the pictures. What a slap in the face for all of the years of very dedicated service to Disney!!! He is now self employeed as a Designer doing Landscape, Arch. Design, and anything else that people need. Not much work out there right now for a very talented man. Very Sad!!!!

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