California Adventure

Scott visited Epcot this last weekend and the result is this fabulous collection of photos. Have a look. Cory Doctorow, author of Down and Out at the Magic Kingdom, has also been visiting Orlando recently. His photos are up on Flickr. And LaughingPlace.com has pictures up of the Holidays at California Adventure.
CBS Marketwatch has the contents of Michael's two-year notice letter. (And I thought I gave plenty of notice with my 1 month warning shots.) In his 20 years as CEO and sometimes Chair of the Walt Disney Company, Eisner helped guide the mouse house to record profits and through amazing downturns. The first 10 years
Want to explore your morbid curiousity this fall? Then this rumored tour of Disneyland and California Adventure is for you. As reported on Utilitdors.com. During the tour guests will "learn about" various "Ghost" stories and lore (entertainment purposes only) about some of the more "out of the way" places in Disneyland and California Adventure (even
How is it possible that the same people who created EPCOT Center, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure and Tokyo Disney Seas, also created Disney's California Adventure, Walt Disney Studios Paris, DinoRama, and Journey into YOUR Imagination? The answer is simple...they didn't. At SaveDisney.com Pen name writer Tom Morrow starts a new series of columns on