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Reflections on Disney World

Getting off of one ride at Animal Kingdom I was approached by a worker
who calmly asked me if I would mind turning my shirt inside out,
confusing the hell out me. I was wearing a lounge shirt over a standard
T, but she informed me that it may be inappropriate in a family park.

Over at The Odd Wife, the Even Husband reflects on their most recent trip to Disney World. Disney has always been pretty good at enforcing their dress code (lax though it may be), but I’ve never heard of them asking someone to flip over a pin up girl shirt.

When I was part of the crazy crew camping out to be among the first to enter California Adventure on its opening day (that’s a story for another time, alas) there were a pair of young women who were Disney obsessed tourists from Japan. One had chosen to wear a pair of jeans that were obviously the height of fashion back home, where few can read English let along know our slang and swear words, but in America where the four letter words, even some nastier stuff, were as plain as day, the pants were unappropriate. A Disney Cast Member (who had been flown in from Orlando to deal with the crowds that never materialized) spotted the infraction and sent the women back to their hotel room to change.