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Brave International Posters and Trailer

I’m always fascinated to see how Disney chooses to market its films to non-US audiences. Frequently it’s completely different material than what we see. With Pixar’s Brave we’re seeing a few really interesting takes.

Some cultures it might be hard to sell a movie with a female protagonist, so they’ve gone a little macho. Here’s a recently released poster for Italy:

Notice the distance between Merida and her family. Here is another version which makes the movie look like it’s about a war.

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Brave Stories – Merida

A new trailer from Pixar tells the story of Merida, the fiery redhead who is at the center of the animated feature Brave. There’s definitely some new footage in this clip, plus we get to learn more about Princess Merida. So far I like what… Read More »Brave Stories – Merida

To Pixar and Beyond

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The author and Merida, both shooting for their own respective hands. Photo courtesy of Pixar.

Last week I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Pixar Animation Studios for a preview of the upcoming film Brave. Needless to say, it was exactly what I hoped it would be: Incredible(s).

We (assorted press/bloggers) were broken into groups (Clan Dingwall!) and sent on a whirlwind tour that included interviews with Mark Andrews (Director of Brave), Katherine Sarafian (Producer of Brave), a host of Pixar animators that worked on Brave, and also an interview with Enrico Casarosa who created and directed the Oscar-nominated short La Luna that will accompany Brave in theaters (we screened La Luna, and it was both sweet and breathtaking). However, all of those interviews and experiences are currently under embargo. Don’t worry, I’ll share everything before Brave opens!

What I can talk about is my visit to Pixar Animations Studios, and all the fun things that we were able to do.

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New Brave Posters

We’re getting a good luck at the characters of Pixar’s Brave in a new series of desktop posters from the movie. A few more in the tapestry series are available at the official site or check out the special posters on EW. Also, Mike at… Read More »New Brave Posters

Move over Rapunzel, there’s a new Princess in Town. Merida moving into Magic Kingdom

Even though the lines never cease for Rapunzel’s dance and greet experience in the Fairytale Garden (formerly Storytime with Belle), the long haired princess is being relocated to Adventureland (bumping The Little Mermaid) as Disney prepares to add a red-hair Scottish lass, Princess Merida, to… Read More »Move over Rapunzel, there’s a new Princess in Town. Merida moving into Magic Kingdom

New Brave Poster

Update: A new trailer with two minutes of footage from the film has been released. Watch it here. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about Pixar’s Brave. But a new Poster was just released and I’m getting excited again. Here is the… Read More »New Brave Poster