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Top Disney News from April

April has been a giant month for news across the Disney spectrum. Here’s a look back at the biggest stories of the month: The New Fantasyland expansion attracted a lot of attention. Our weekly updates and the recent behind the walls video keep everyone informed… Read More »Top Disney News from April

Brave – New Trailer: Eyes On The Pies

Another fun trailer from Pixar focuses on the mischievous trio of Merida’s brothers from Brave. Not sure the play on the classic civil rights documentary “Eyes on the Prize” is intended or appropriate here. But the triplets are cute.

New Brave Trailer from Pixar

The third trailer for the Disney*Pixar animated feature Brave is now online and, guess what, you actually learn a bit about what the movie is about. Love the new footage showing some of the films humor. We’re also getting to know more of what makes… Read More »New Brave Trailer from Pixar

The Disney Store online adds Brave Merchandise

Excitement is growing for the June 22nd open of Pixar’s Brave. If your little darling wants to attend the movie in style, has your back. They’ve just added 18 great dolls, shirts, and costume items related to Brave and Princess Merida. Here’s a small… Read More »The Disney Store online adds Brave Merchandise

New Image from Brave

Pixar’s Brave looks better with every little bit of information that’s released. Today it’s a new still from the movie featuring Merida, a lurking bear, and a mysterious blue light.

If you remember a few days ago we looked at the international marketing for Pixar’s Brave. Turns out a new Japanese poster has been released. It contains what may be our first glimpse of the eccentric Witch from the film. Since that’s a spoiler, I’ve placed it and the official movie synopsis below the jump:

Read More »New Image from Brave

New Brave Trailer – Meet The Triplets

A new trailer for Pixar’s Brave continues our introductions to the family. This time it’s the triplets – Hamish, Hubert, and Harris. Yep they have names. Apparently they have a bear of a role to play in the film too. Previously: Meet the family: Princess… Read More »New Brave Trailer – Meet The Triplets