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Brave International Posters and Trailer

I’m always fascinated to see how Disney chooses to market its films to non-US audiences. Frequently it’s completely different material than what we see. With Pixar’s Brave we’re seeing a few really interesting takes.

Some cultures it might be hard to sell a movie with a female protagonist, so they’ve gone a little macho. Here’s a recently released poster for Italy:

Notice the distance between Merida and her family. Here is another version which makes the movie look like it’s about a war.

In Spain they went even further taking Merida out of the family all together…

and putting her on her own poster.

This one that was released in Japan is a lot darker. They’ve even changed the name of the movie to Brave: Merida and the Frightening Forest:

Below is a movie trailer that was released in Japan (English subtitles have been added). It reveals quite a bit more of the plot along with footage not seen in the US, but it puts a very dark spin on the movie. So, consider yourself warned for spoilers:

Okay, if you watched, would you rather have more of the plot like they gave in this trailer or the simpler trailers like we’ve been given so far in the US?

If you know of any more international trailers or posters, I’d love to see them.

3 thoughts on “Brave International Posters and Trailer”

  1. Is it just me, or does Disney do this with all of their movies recently, Avengers, John Carter and Brave. All have more plot and revealing content in the international trailers. I am not sure how I feel about it yet. However, I think its safe to say brave and avengers will make more money than JC, movie looks great though John, great post.

  2. LOVE the Japanese film poster. Added it on Pinterest actually. xD
    I always love seeing the international promo material. The Japanese posters always seem to interest me more. I remember feeling this way about How To Train Your Dragon as well. Hopefully nice theatrical posters will be available for Brave. I also wouldn’t mind buying one of La Luna. The promo posters for that were gorgeous as well.

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