Brave wins Best Animated Feature at Golden Globes

Congratulations to the team up in Emeryville, Pixar’s Brave secured Best Animated Feature Film at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards last night. Director Marc Andrews accepted. “Being Brave is about being true to yourself and allowing your loved ones that same freedom,” said Andrews.… Read More »Brave wins Best Animated Feature at Golden Globes

Brave Blu-Ray DVD Review

Brave DVDWhen Brave arrived on our doorstep late one evening, we immediately unwrapped it and popped it in the DVD player. We enjoyed the movie so much in theaters, the wait to get re-acquainted with old friends from the movie was unbearable (yea, I went there).

Brave, Pixar’s first ‘Princess’ film, tells the story of Merida and her family as neighboring clans arrive to compete for her hand in marriage. Along the way Merida and her mother have to come to terms with their roles and responsibilities. On the surface, its’ a story you would more likely expect to come from Disney, but with all Pixar films, there is more to the film than just a princess and a castle. The familiar theme of needing to look below the surface to see what’s real intertwines nicely with the family conflict aspect of Brave.

I was impressed with the quality of research, production, and depth of world building that went into the movie. These are worlds I would love to visit (although I’d miss my modern comforts). What I love about the DVD is the opportunity to really dive into those elements via the extras.

So I was happy to find Brave’s DVD/Blu-Ray combo packed with special features that take you through much of Pixar’s production process. You’ll also enjoy the new short, The Legend of Mordu, which combines 2D and CG animated scenes.

Pixar’s Brave is definitely worth adding to your family’s collection and at up to 46% off the retail price at Amazon, it’s a steal today.

Details of the DVD are available below the jump:

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Holiday Gift Guide: Disney Films

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now Christmas is next up! You know what that means…BUY BUY BUY! The annual problem is coming back: What do I get the Disney Fan in my family? Well, that is why I am here to help! This will… Read More »Holiday Gift Guide: Disney Films

Celebrate the Magic

Celebrate The Magic – Complete Video of new Castle Projection Show

Celebrate the Magic

A new digital projection castle show officially premiered this week. Each night guests at the Magic Kingdom will experience the new nighttime show, filled with special effects and magic, projected onto Cinderella Castle. In “Celebrate the Magic,” 189-foot tall Cinderella Castle becomes a shimmering canvas, transforming the Castle into a rocket, a gingerbread house, a circus tent, a jungle, a video game, the Cheshire Cat and more. Dozens of favorite Disney and Pixar characters also appear in playful animated sequences. Right now Cinderella Castle is decorated with holiday lights, which adds an extra element of magic as well.

Celebrate the Magic

“Celebrate the Magic” is a journey to the heart of the most beloved Disney stories and characters, according to show director Katy Harris. The show features many new segments, including Brave and Wreck-it Ralph, and also incorporate favorite elements from the previous projection show , “The Magic, The Memories and You!,” which ran from January of 2011 to September 2012.

Here’s a short video with highlights from the show and a few comments from the show’s producer Katy Harris.

The spectacle is scheduled most nights, with up to two shows per night, depending on theme park operating hours and other special ticketed events. If you can’t make it out to the park to see it in person, I’ve included a full length version of the show below the jump:

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Pixar’s Brave on Blu-Ray DVD November 13th

I am very much looking forward to the chance to sit down again with Pixar’s Scottish lass, Merida, and her family. I grew to love their story as much as I loved the beautiful scenery created by the folks in Emeryville. I won’t have to wait long as the Blu-Ray/DVD release is on November 13th at a store near you. However, if you want it to arrive on your door step, you can pre-order Brave today via Amazon and save 30% off the price while still getting free shipping. .

So far Brave has been the year’s #1 animated movie and Pixar Animation Studio’s 13th consecutive hit. Most Brave sets includes hours of all-new bonus material, extraordinary behind the scenes features, extended and deleted scenes, a mysterious and exciting, new short film, ‘The Legend of Mor’du,’ and much more.

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Brave DVD release Coming on November 13th

Disney Pixar’s Brave is coming home to Blu-Ray / DVD on November 13th. The Scottish tale of Princess Merida has won fans the world over with her strength of spirit. Pre-order your Brave DVD set today and set up to 30%. Your purchase supports The… Read More »Brave DVD release Coming on November 13th