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Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Trailer Teases Return of the Show in November 2023

Doctor Who, the beloved British science fiction television series, recently released a 60-second trailer in anticipation of its 60th anniversary celebration and return to screens in November 2023. The three specials will feature David Tennant reprising his role as the Fourteenth Doctor, with Ncuti Gatwa… Read More »Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Trailer Teases Return of the Show in November 2023

Doctor Who and Duck Tales Mashup

I’m always happy when two of my loves come together and it is a lovely idea indeed to combine the two universes of Doctor Who and Duck Tales into one glorious poster titled “DocTales.” Starring: River Swan (who’s…actually a duck. WHATEVS), the Duckponds, and the… Read More »Doctor Who and Duck Tales Mashup

Life On Mars – Episode 2 – Review

Sorry this is a bit late this week. There’s no Play-by-Play recap of ABC’s Life On Mars this week. Instead I’ll just give you the gist of the show and the surprises we encounter.

Sam Tyler is trying to figure out what exactly happened to him. It’s a lot to consider, but he knows one thing. He’s good at catching bad guys, so why not do that. Good thing or we’d have no show to watch.

The case of the night involves armed robbery. They catch a guy who can’t swim at the pool and need to find some evidence to connect him to the crime. Gene Hunt votes to just plant the evidence, but Tyler wants to do it the 21st century way.
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Life On Mars Premier: Out Here In The Fields

Life On Mars was originally broadcast on the BBC and shown in America on BBA America. I watched the original show religiously. It lasted two seasons and had a definite plot arc. I loved the series, but was unhappy with the final episode. If you’re interested to find out why you can search and find my thoughts on the final episode.

I tell you that because you have to know about my history with the show. I will try not to write too much about how the ABC version is similar or dissimilar from the original, but it will doubtlessly influence my reviews.

The show opens in present day New York City. Homicide Detective Sam Tyler (Jason O’Mara) and his Partner Maya (Lisa Bonet) are racing with alarms blaring to a crime scene where a possible serial killer is held up. why discussing bringing Sam to see Maya’s folks. Yep, they’re dating, and we’re to believe it’s serious.

While the police are in the process of breaking down the suspect’s door, the suspect comes back with groceries. When he starts to run, Sam Tyler chases him down and arrests him. Are you paying attention?

Colin Reems, aka the suspect, is presented with evidence linking him to the crimes (photos, fibers under the victim’s fingernails, etc). Alas, the defense lawyer has video of Colin playing Craps at a casino all night long. So the police must have the wrong man.

When Colin is released, Maya remains suspicious decides to start surveillance of the suspect on her own. Meanwhile back at the station it’s revealed that Colin has a twin brother and it’s him playing in the casino. Oops.

Maya’s not answering her cell phone, so Sam Tyler races down to her last known location and discovers a her jacket with blood on it, but no Maya to be found.

Sam takes off in his Jeep SUV heading back to Colin’s apartment. With David Bowie’s “Life On Mars” playing on his iPod, Sam gets out, but the realizes he forgot his police radio in the SUV, when he turns around to head back to the apartment he is struck by a car and thrown to the ground.

And we’re in…
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