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Step into the TARDIS: Doctor Who’s Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson visit Disneyland

If you’ve been to the Downtown Disney area of the Disneyland Resort recently, you’ve probably stumbled across a big blue Police Box that looks like it was teleported their from 1960s era London. You weren’t seeing things. It is a promotion for the BBC series “Doctor Who” which is streaming on Disney+ and now coproduced by The Mouse House.

Disney even flew out the stars of “Doctor Who,” Ncuti Gatwa who is the Fifteenth Doctor, and Millie Gibson who plays Ruby Sunday, the Doctor’s new companion, for some promotional shots and a bit of fun at the Disneyland resort.

Why Watch Doctor Who?

If you’ve never watched “Doctor Who” before. The basic introduction is that it is a sci-fi series that’s been produced by the BBC for 60 years. It follows the Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through time and space in the TARDIS, a time machine disguised as a blue police box. Alongside various companions, the Doctor combats evil forces and explores the universe.

Why watch “Doctor Who” now? If you like exciting adventures, time travel, and imaginative storytelling, “Doctor Who” has it in spades. Each episode explores new worlds and eras, combining humor, heart, and compelling characters. The series’ ability to continually reinvent itself keeps it fresh and engaging for new viewers, providing a unique mix of sci-fi, mystery, and drama.

Now’s a great time to start watching the series. This season serves as something of a reboot and the first few minutes of episode one “Space Babies” will walk you through the essential elements you need to know to understand what’s going on.

The new season of Doctor Who has returned Russell T. Davies, who relaunched the series in 2005, as show runner and writer helping to introduce a new audience to the long running series. He’s brought back an element of playfulness and even outright winking at the audience. This week’s episode returns another recent writer from the modern era of who, Steven Moffat. Moffat is known for his creatures and innovative puzzle box episodes. That’s what we’re getting this week.

The Explosive Next Episode – Boom

In “Boom” the Doctor and companion Ruby land on a war torn planet and solving the mystery gets even more complicated when the Doctor steps on a space landmine and must solve the riddle of the planet before they get blown up.

For those who already enjoyed the first three episodes of the new Doctor Who, renumbered as Season 1, they’ve seen the influence of Disney money in the production. For instance, the old Who budget wouldn’t have been able to pull off the special effects shot of the dinosaurs in the “Space Babies’ episode.

In “Boom” we will see Doctor Who take advantage of “The Volume” or as its known now “Stagecraft” which allows immersive computer-generated realistic backdrops for filming. It’s a big step up from green screens and gives an almost 360-degree set for the actors to perform against without the need for building a practical set.

Early reviews claim this is another classic from Moffat.

Where can you watch Doctor Who

In the US and most countries, “Doctor Who” will stream on Disney+ on Friday nights with new episodes dropping at 7pm ET. In the UK, it will be available on BBC iPlayer at midnight every Saturday and will also air on BBC One in a primetime slot later that day.