First Avatar sequel delayed until December 2021

It is said that Avatar director James Cameron has been working since 2009 to perfect the stories and technology that will make his Avatar sequels even better than the original. There are four planned sequels, that’s right. The digital motion capture portion has already been… Read More »First Avatar sequel delayed until December 2021

Michelle Yeoh joins Avatar sequels

Superstar actor Michelle Yeoh is heading to Pandora to join the Avatar sequels as a scientist named Dr. Karina Mogue. The Avatar sequels are now officially part of the Disney family now that the purchase of 21st Century Fox has been completed “Michelle has always… Read More »Michelle Yeoh joins Avatar sequels

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel joins the Avatar Sequels

In a new video from the ‘set’ of Avatar with Director James Cameron, Vin Diesel reveals that he has been cast in the sequels to the record setting Avatar. The highly anticipated sequels return to Pandora about 15 years after the event of the first… Read More »Vin Diesel joins the Avatar Sequels