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Retro Classic Disney Attraction T-Shirts

While strolling through Magic Kingdom the other day, I noticed a set of six new retro classic Disney attraction t-shirts. They’re perfect for the Disney fan who wants the world to know they know style when they see it. They just choose to ignore it… Read More »Retro Classic Disney Attraction T-Shirts

New Photos from Shanghai Disneyland attractions

With major construction complete on many of Shanghai Disneyland’s attractions, the park and resort moves into final preparations for it’s June opening date. This includes hiring cast members (some of whom are already working in the US parks for on the job training), figuring out… Read More »New Photos from Shanghai Disneyland attractions

Attraction Makeovers: The Good, The Bad, and the Future

If you haven’t heard, Walt Disney World is preparing a Frozen attraction to take over the space of Maelstrom in Norway in EPCOT. It’s a bit of a controversial move, but attraction makeovers actually aren’t all that unheard of around the resort to varying levels… Read More »Attraction Makeovers: The Good, The Bad, and the Future

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Crystal Arts, Talented Glass Artists in Latest Expressions Video

I appear to have started a series of short-form Expressions videos looking at some of the Walt Disney World resort’s overlooked attractions. Sometimes there’s a theme right in front of you, you just have to grab it. Here the talented glass artists of Crystal Arts… Read More »Crystal Arts, Talented Glass Artists in Latest Expressions Video

Discovery Cove, Orlando’s Best Value?


If you’ve been waiting to visit Discovery Cove until it became more affordable, you may be surprised to know that it’s already quite a good value, perhaps the best value in Orlando when you consider all that a day trip involves.

For my wife’s birthday this year, I booked us an all-day inclusive Dolphin Swim Day Resort package at Discovery Cove. We’ve been to Discovery Cove a couple times before, but she never had the full experience including the Dolphin interaction. She’s not that fond of swimming in water with fish in it, but I told her dolphins are actually mammals, not fish, so she agreed to try it.

A day at Discovery Cove is as relaxing or as exciting as you want it to be. Our tickets included not only the 30-minute dolphin interaction, but also access to The Grand Reef, Explorer’s Aviary, Freshwater Oasis & the Tropical River. Food and drinks are served for Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks, and the price includes beer, wine, and some alcoholic mixers as well. Read More »Discovery Cove, Orlando’s Best Value?

Disney World’s Top Five Most Loved but Underrated Attractions


When you think of top Walt Disney World attractions, you probably think Space Mountain, Soarin’, or the Haunted Mansion. Even when it comes to those lessor attractions,  you probably have It’s a Small World and Buzz Lightyear at the top of your list, attractions that speak to a wide range of guests. But what about those attractions that you love but would never make anyone’s top ten list? What about the ones that you walk into and it’s like seeing an old friend, like they’ve become a part of your personal history?  I’ve got a handful of those attractions that I love and I bet you do too.

5.  The Boneyard.

As underrated attractions goes, the Boneyard suffers on two fronts: 1)  It’s in a park that a lot of guests don’t even visit; and 2) It’s an attraction that you walk past on your way to bigger and better things. That’s too bad, because this play area is basically the best playground you’ll ever set foot in, with plenty of places to dig in, climb over and run across. For kids, the Boneyard offers an opportunity to run around rather than standing in lines. Adults can find a cool area to supervise–there’s only one way in, so kids can’t get too far. Visit the Boneyard late in the day because it will be difficult to get your kids out of here.Read More »Disney World’s Top Five Most Loved but Underrated Attractions