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Top 5 attractions Disney should bring to new Hollywood Studios


This weekend a rumor that the Walt Disney Company Board of Directors approved a $3 billion makeover for Disney’s Hollywood Studios captured fan’s imaginations. I’m trying to get some confirmation if the rumor is true or not. If it is, I have a few suggestions on what sort of attractions Disney could bring to DHS to help it come out of the shadows of Disney’s other parks.

1) Tron Lightcycle coaster from Shanghai Disneyland. Back a few years ago when Disney’s Imagineers pitched an expansion of Star Wars at DHS, they included a racing roller coaster based on the speeder bikes from the race through the forests of Endor. That idea evolved to become the Tron Lightcycle coaster that will be opening with Shanghai Disneyland. It would be terrific if Disney’s Imagineers couldfigure out something from the new movies (like, I don’t know, an x-Wing) and give us that dueling coaster here in Orlando too!

2) Trackless Ratatouille from Walt Disney Studios at Paris Disneyland (just bring Ratatouille to DHS). Yes, it would seem to make sense to build this in EPCOT’s France pavilion. Truth be told, I’d be perfectly happy with that, but I think people are already upset enough with Norway’s pavilion being taken over by a cartoon, so add it to Pixar-land at DHS.

3) Tangled Musical — yes, it hasn’t even opened on the Disney cruise line yet, but it should have come to DHS over a year ago, don’t make us wait longer Disney, even if you have to build a new theater (which, it turns out, you are doing).

4) Kiddie attractions. A Toy Story themed playland of kid friendly attractions seems to be one of the ‘confirmed’ (as much as a rumor can be confirmed) elements of the revised DHS. More stuff for families with young kids to do is the biggest area of immediate need for the park. The good news is Disney has good experience building these between Disney California Adventure, Hong Kong Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios in Paris. Pick the best from each park and bring it to DHS ASAP.

5) Parkwide transportation. Whether it’s the form of Redcar Trolleys or something different, an expanded DHS would be greatly served by a leisurely ride that takes you from one side of the park to the other without all the walking.

Bonus idea: Universal Orlando took the idea of transportation a step further by building a ‘railroad’ attraction that connected two parks. This would be a great opportunity for Disney to figure out a slightly faster way to connect EPCOT and DHS than the super slow friendship boats.

What types of attractions from Disney’s other parks would you like to see cloned at the upgraded Disney’s Hollywood Studios?


12 thoughts on “Top 5 attractions Disney should bring to new Hollywood Studios”

    1. As much as I’d like to see that, it’s a lot of money to spend compared to another bus line. I’m thinking something more along the lines of a dedicated roadway with autonomous shuttles, like at Heathrow airport.

  1. I love the transportation idea! It would really help to liven up the park and make it seem vibrant again. The Tron lightcycle coaster idea is intriguing too. I just want Disney to tell us something! Rumors are nice to hear, but it means little until it’s official.

  2. The dueling roller coaster ride would be great as a “tie fighter vs x-wing”. And DHS badly needs thrill rides. Disney in general is falling behind Universal when it comes to the thrills.

    Build a Star Wars land much like DCA has Carsland. A roller coaster is a must, and replace the cars ride with a speeder bike ride. Cmon Disney, make it happen.

  3. I would love to see another action show, they have closed one and talk is lights,camera,action maybe going to make space but I would love something along the lines of water world in California, ok for some the film was not the best but having seen the water world show its a great family fun for all, I think you can get overrun with roller coaster rides so add something for the family also.

  4. A fully fleshed out Star Wars land! Cantina, pod racer or speeder bike racing coaster type ride, mauve maybe an Eewok tree city playground. I wanted to be wowed beyond what I can think up! I know Iger said there would be a ride or more based on the new movies, and I expect they’ll be good, but I want the classic films represented.

  5. If we’re bringing things over from Paris then we should also bring Crush’s Coaster. It was way more fun than I expected!

  6. No matter what, I hope Disney gets on board with Universal’s new attraction a year plan for the Studios. This park is in desperate need of love and SOON! Midway mania type attractions that appeal to the whole family are much needed. A few new thrill rides, throw in some C and D ticket people eaters for capacity, and Disney once again has a wonderful theme park. I also would love to see an update to the F&B. I do love the table service restaurants at DHS, I think there needs to be a special Quick Service location, a la Be Our Guest breakfast/lunch.
    Disney-MGM was my first “home” when I interned with the College Program. I’ve always held an affinity for it in my heart and can’t wait to see it grow back into a great place! Looks like there’s enough budget to make an impact.

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