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Animation Magic comes to Animator’s Palate aboard the Disney Fantasy

The Animation Magic show in Animators Palate aboard the Disney Fantasy is a brand new addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Guests draw their own characters only to have them appear later animated up on screen interacting with other characters. This lets each family member participate in the magic in a whole new way.

Here are the three characters created by the Frost family (mine is in the middle). The moment my character came to life, I felt not only whole new appreciation for animation, but a sense of “hey I can do that too”, even though I really can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

Each section of Animator’s Palate has their own characters showing on the screens near them. Here is the show we saw from our table. If you’re planning on sailing on the Disney Fantasy soon, you might want to skip this so your joy isn’t dulled.

Pretty cool huh!

More on the technology behind “Animation Magic” below the jump:

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Disney Fantasy Photos Show Improvements from the Dream

The Disney Fantasy was just floated out of drydock at Meyer Werft and now the work on finishing touches begins. While much of the ships design, layout, and feel matches the Disney Dream. The Disney Cruise Line has made some changes based on what they learned from the first few months of operations on the Disney Dream.

The first set of photos from on board the Disney Fantasy show a few of those changes. For instance, the upper aft deck where the adult quite pools are, has a new hot tub area.

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Disney Dream Dining Revealed

Continuing my series on what’s coming next from the Disney Cruise Line, today we look at the new, and the classic, dining options that will be available on the Disney Dream when it sets sail in 2011.

So what will the first set of passengers find? How about elaborately themed restaurants, distinctly Disney touches, and world-class cuisine. All of which promise guests of the Disney Dream a memorable entertainment experience for families and guests of all ages.

Find out all the details, along with concept art, below the jump:

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