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3d animation

Trailer for Pixar’s “Onward” reveals first big story details, easter eggs

A new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s “Onward” has dropped and revealed more about the story of the next original animated feature from the Emeryville studio. Set in a suburban fantasy world, “Onward” introduces two teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot (voices of Tom… Read More »Trailer for Pixar’s “Onward” reveals first big story details, easter eggs

Fantastic tribute to Hayao Miyazaki

Artist “dono” uploaded a beautiful tribute to animation master Hayao Miyazaki. Using 3D animation tools, Miyazaki’s world has been rendered in three dimensions adding incredible depth to these already moving scenes. If you’re just being introduced to Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki do yourself a… Read More »Fantastic tribute to Hayao Miyazaki

The Lion King 3D Rules Box Office Again

In its third trip back to movie theaters, but  the first time in 3-D, Disney’s The Lion King is ruling the box office again. It brought in an estimated Update: $30.2 million ( was $29.3 million) over the weekend, placing it atop the list of… Read More »The Lion King 3D Rules Box Office Again

Disney’s Beauty & The Beast in 3D

As part of the fun at Comic-Con International in San Diego these past few days, more was revealed about the 3-D re-release of Disney’s 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast. For starters, a final official logo for the re-release was made public. Gotta love the… Read More »Disney’s Beauty & The Beast in 3D

Disney vastly expands Comic-Con presence

In these economic hard times, Disney is returning to their base — the fans. Outside of cyberspace, the number one place film fans congregate is Comic-Con each year in San Diego. So I’m not surprised to see Disney growing their presence at the event this year.

Alas, I’m no where near San Diego this time of year. So if you’re going I’d love to hear what you’re most looking forward to.

See below the cut for all of Disney’s offerings.

Read More »Disney vastly expands Comic-Con presence