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Disney’s Beauty & The Beast in 3D

As part of the fun at Comic-Con International in San Diego these past few days, more was revealed about the 3-D re-release of Disney’s 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast. For starters, a final official logo for the re-release was made public. Gotta love the stylish font used on the words “Presented in Disney Digital 3-D”.

Reporting on the experience of watching the clip shown at SDCC, IGN Movies comments have “multiple layers of depth were evident and the world [of the film] was given a substantial sense of size and scale above what fans have originally experienced.”

Beauty and the Beast in 3-D arrives in theaters on Febuary 12, 2010.

Ed note: BatB was the film that rekindled my love in Disney Animation, I can’t wait to see this. PS please welcome new guest author Mike B. from the unofficial Pixar Blog. – John