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Disney’s Beauty & The Beast in 3D

As part of the fun at Comic-Con International in San Diego these past few days, more was revealed about the 3-D re-release of Disney’s 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast. For starters, a final official logo for the re-release was made public. Gotta love the stylish font used on the words “Presented in Disney Digital 3-D”.

Reporting on the experience of watching the clip shown at SDCC, IGN Movies comments have “multiple layers of depth were evident and the world [of the film] was given a substantial sense of size and scale above what fans have originally experienced.”

Beauty and the Beast in 3-D arrives in theaters on Febuary 12, 2010.

Ed note: BatB was the film that rekindled my love in Disney Animation, I can’t wait to see this. PS please welcome new guest author Mike B. from the unofficial Pixar Blog. – John

4 thoughts on “Disney’s Beauty & The Beast in 3D”

  1. Was there any mention of whether the 3D version will be the original cut of the film or if it will include the “Human Again” sequence that was added for the IMAX release?

  2. Thanks! I would say that is a reliable source for the info. :)

    Great job on the interview. I’ll be interested to see how the 3D version turns out.

  3. I’ll be lookin’ forward to see Beauty and the Beast
    in Disney Digital 3D next year. I’m so glad they
    were going to show the IMAX version. After all, i like that version better.

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