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Fantastic tribute to Hayao Miyazaki


Artist “dono” uploaded a beautiful tribute to animation master Hayao Miyazaki. Using 3D animation tools, Miyazaki’s world has been rendered in three dimensions adding incredible depth to these already moving scenes.

If you’re just being introduced to Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki do yourself a favor and rent a few of his movies (Disney animators supervised most of the english dubbed versions), read up a little on them on wikipedia (some of the Japanese culture details require some explanation, and then enjoy the rich stories and complex characters Miyazaki creates. Each film is a moving masterpiece.


Already convinced that Miyazaki is a true master, you’ll definitely want to own the newly remastered blu-ray complete collection of his animation. It’s currently exclusively available for pre-order on Amazon.

Which is your favorite Miyazaki masterpiece?