I've been hearing rumors of a book about Walt and the Golden and Silver era's of the Walt Disney Company that tells the story through interviews with what could be called 'Walt's People'. Now comes word that it is actually a series of books edited by Didier Ghez and that the first one will be
This reminds me of the crystal pendants that people had hanging in their cars in the 70s and 80s until it was found that the suns rays were burning holes in the upholstery. Something similar, but a lot more expensive, has occured with a Disney Snow Globe set on a windowsil.
The parents of the man killed on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are suing the park for wrongful death. Additional lawsuits were filed Tuesday on behalf of a friend of Torres and five members of a family who allege they also were injured in the accident. Now, it is in the nature of a thrill ride
Union officials leafleted the opening of Disney's NYC 'World of Disney' store yesterday. "We knew we had to do something to get the company's attention," said Juleeann Jerkovich, secretary-treasurer of the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union Local 1625, which is one of six unions that make up the Service Trades Council Union. "It's
I've got 4 more Gmail Invites to give away. Post your favorite Disney Animated Film and explain why in the comments below and I'll send out Gmail invites to the best. (Best being purely subjective with me as the final and sole judge, of course.) Thanks to everyone who played last time. I had a
The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Lillian Disney's incredible gift to Los Angeles, has just debut its concert pipe organ. Chris was there and reports good things. LA Splash has the incredible facts behind this instrument. Rosales, one of the organ designers (along with Frank Gehry) has some amazing photos of the pipe organ.