San Francisco State University has a cute fluff piece on the Walt Disney World College Program. There has been some complaining among the fan base and cast members that Disney World is relying too heavily on these interns using them to fill positions that might otherwise be filled by full time regular employees.
You know when you've done something wrong and you're hoping no one will find out, but you know that eventually they will, so you try and turn the tables in your favor stacking the deck for an ending you can tolerate. Well, the Disney Board of Directors is making the same moves right now. If
As the opening weekend for The Incredibles draws nearer I hope to bring you more and more information on the film. For instance, has a great interview with director Brad Bird. It contains one minor spoiler, but don't be afraid.
Found this link on Jeff Bridges website, GLTron is a video game based on the lightcycle game from the Disney movie 'Tron'. It's also released under the GNU General Public License. Link to more Tron games.
Disneyland's 50th Celebration is approaching fast. Work goes on around the park repairing some of the damage done to the infrastructure and sprucing up the 50 year old structures with a fresh coat of paint. Sleeping Beauty Castle is being painted to be the 'crown jewel' in the park. The new paint job was just
The Product Placement blog has details on deals made by Disney/Pixar to garner $150 million in sponsorship money for The Incredibles. That means it's potentially profitable before it even makes it to the theatres.