Remember when I said that Disney would be foolish to let LibbyLu dominate the 'tween' dress up and party market, well the folks at Disney have things well in hand. An experiment at the 5th Avenue New York store features a place for the 'tweens to come and release their inner princess. The New York
The next industry in line to strike for maintaining their health care benefits appears to be the hourly cast members at Disney World. Walt Disney World has never had a strike, unlike it's older sibling Disneyland, but the sides seem very far apart on the same issue that has been the cause of many a
If you're not reading Cartoon Brew you're missing out on the best information on the animation industry in the blogosphere. Just the last few days he's had three amazing scoops. First, he links to this article that links Miramax Films, Dimension Films (two sides of the same coin really and part of the Disney empire)
The New Yorker magazine just ran an article that looked at Eisner's profound failure to produce a decent replacement and the eventual realization of the board of directors that they didn't find one soon, they too would be replaced. (Thanks Dave!)
... but this is possibly the last post regarding hurricane's and Disney World for the season. The fine folks at the hurricane prediction center say there is less than a 33% chance that another big storm will make landfall this season and an even smaller chance it will hit florida, let alone the Orlando area.
Disney's stock is dropping, and I expect to drop some more before the next CEO is decided upon. Recent press releases have hinted that the hurricane trio that hit central florida have done more damage to the park's bottom line and future earnings than previously thought. Also Bob Iger has been stuck with the role
Well, now that Mark Wenzel is no longer working at Disneyland as Lagniappe the Mime it's safe to post this link to pictures of him on and in various attractions around the park. The Pirates ones are pretty funny. I mean come on, who hasn't wanted to do this exact stuff. Wenzel himself will no