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Lindsay Lohan Blog – VIII

Disney hot property, Lindsay Lohan, may have been tired, but you should expect as much from the teenage vixen. She’s working on a movie, broke up with her boyfriend, and recorded an album. I haven’t heard it yet, but I have liked her song from Princess Diaries II. The album will be released next week,… Read More »Lindsay Lohan Blog – VIII

Pretty Decent Weekend for Disney

Looks like Disney had a pretty decent weekend at the box office holding the 1st, 2nd, and 8th spots on the chart. This almost makes up for the string of flops they suffered earlier in the year. Any one care to predict the final take for The Incredibles? Will it beat Finding Nemo‘s $340 million?

Wanna be a Star?

Wanna be a star? How about a theme park performer? Well then get those dancing shoes on cause Disneyland is having auditions for its Aladdin Stage show. Follow that link or call (800) 766-0888 for more details.

Emu Leg Delicacy

Over at The Saint Cafe, Marcos ponders the rumor that Disney World’s delicous Turkey Legs aren’t really Turkey at all. Instead, internet rumor has them as actually being Emu legs. I post, you decide.

Eisner Ethics? Oxymoron?

During cross-examination, this prominent business executive [ Eisner ] admitted without embarrassment or remorse that he repeatedly lied publicly and privately to conceal a monumental business error and an irreparable rift between Disney and its newly-hired-but-in-the-process-of-being-fired president Michael Ovitz – a termination that cost Disney $140 million. Michael Josephson, who you’ve probably heard on the… Read More »Eisner Ethics? Oxymoron?

Reflected Disney

The Walt Disney Concert Hall has opened and played to nothing but critical acclaim. But someone has finally found something to find fault with at the new jewel of Los Angeles. Apparently it reflects the sun. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t blinding drivers, creating a sauna effect in nearby offices, and heating… Read More »Reflected Disney

Sorry, No Santa for You

Sadly, Santa has been barred from landing near Disneyland. Apparently homeland security won’t accept his visa. Actually, this is an annual holiday event for a local shopping mall that has the misfortune of being too close to Disneyland. Santa won’t be allowed to skydive in as that would violate Disneyland’s no-fly zone. If you hear… Read More »Sorry, No Santa for You